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Conquer Your Garage with These Organization Ideas

Conquer Your Garage

It’s common for the garage to become a dumping grounds for items that homeowners use infrequently or no longer need. Artificial Christmas trees, computers from several operating systems ago, bicycles in disrepair, and bags of old toys are just some examples.

The items might take up so much room that there is no room for cars, lawn mowers, and other legitimate things that homeowners need to store in the garage.

How to Start Organizing the Garage

Conquer Your GarageBefore any real organizing can take place, the homeowner must go through all items in the garage and decide what to keep, throw away, recycle, or donate. Although it can seem like an overwhelming task, it’s manageable in small chunks and when enlisting the help of others.

Once the items to donate, throw away, or recycle are out of the garage, the homeowner may feel shocked at how much room he or she actually has available. Then it’s time to incorporate some creative ideas for keeping the remaining items neatly organized.

A Variety of Pegboards

Pegboards can be the ideal place to hang tools and fasten small bins of nails and screws. The locking pegboard hooks come in a range of styles and sizes, including J-Style, L-Style, Spring Style, Box Style, and Jumbo. The pegboard simply fastens to the wall and then the homeowner uses the small round openings to place various items.

Install an Overhead Storage Rack

Conquer Your GarageItems such as pet carriers, luggage, and strollers can take up a lot of space in a garage. An overhead storage rack can provide a practical solution for this dilemma. Homeowners should ensure that the rack they purchase, and install is industrial-strength to hold a large array of heavy items securely in place. These racks are typically available at home improvement stores and come in sizes up to 4’ X 8’.

Purchase Several Storage Bins

Storage bins in a variety of sizes can be extremely convenient when trying to organize the garage. Homeowners should attempt to place similar items in the bins to make them easier to locate when needed.

Since clear plastic storage bins are see-through, it won’t be necessary to dig through several of them to locate the needed item. A rolling workbench or storage lockers are two additional alternatives to use in place of or along with storage bins for maximum organization in the garage.

Affix Hooks to the Wall to Store Folding Chairs

Conquer Your GarageHaving a dozen or more folding chairs in the garage is convenient when entertaining guests outdoors. However, the chairs can get in the way and take up a lot of space when not in use. Rather than resort to giving them away, homeowners can buy long metal hooks from the hardware store and nail them to the wall. The folding chairs go over the hooks from the bottom, and one long hook can hold up to a half-dozen chairs.

A Cabinet Set or Workstation

An all-purpose workstation with several cabinets of varying sizes, drawers, and electrical outlets allow homeowners to store numerous items in a single location. Using this area for tools is especially convenient when it comes time to work on a project.

Organizing a garage might not be the most exciting chore but purging unwanted items and knowing where everything is will be well worth the effort.

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