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Eco bathroom: Recycle water the green way!

Eco Bathroom!

With fast dwindling resources and water table going down with each passing day across the world, water conservation has become a very important issue and conservationists, aware citizens, scientists in fact everyone who loves planet Earth is trying to save water in one way or other. Water recycling has become an important method of reusing and conserving water. Working on the same lines, Michael Passos, a designer from Sao Paulo, Brazil has designed an eco-friendly bathroom structure which works precisely toward recycling and reusing water.

Understanding the need for water conservation, his bathroom design imitates the sustainable recyclable infrastructure. The process though open-looped makes sure that water is used once more, running down the tap before it finally lays down its arms, wasted, in the sewage pipe.

Laden with two separate water tanks, this fixture works by filtering the water from the basin and reusing it for sanitary discharge in the toilet bowl. Around 25% of water usage is saved in the process. When you turn the tap water on in the basin, it runs down through the pipe in the first tank via a filter, which is attached to it. The filtered water gets accumulated in this first tank. If in case the reusable water exceeds the tank’s storing limits the excess water is flowed out into the sewer pipes. The measure of excessive water is detected using a buoy.

The second tank which acts as a water store house for waste discharge uses this filtered reusable water and a small proportion of clean water to carry out the cleaning process. The storage capacity of the second tank is almost approximately six liters. When it gets empty, the water from the first tank flows in again with the clean water.

Talking apart from this well-structured process, the external make-up too is quite elegant. Coated in an elegant white, this goes well with most of the contemporary bathroom fittings. The sleek design gives it a chic look. The tanks and the pipes are cleverly covered within a seamless configuration, which looks more of a design than a hiding structure. Indeed, a smart way to save water!

Via: iGreenspot

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