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TV Tank hides your flatscreen behind a big aquarium

What purpose does a television solve when not being used? Nothing at all! If you feel the same and want that your flat screen television should disappear somewhere when you are not watching your favorite series or movie, then you wish has just come true i

Top 7 home cinema gadgets

The home cinema systems are emerging as a interesting and coolest systems for entertainment for some decades. Due to the influx of the high technology mobile gadgets the home cinema has got tremendous amount of popularity. Although devices like iPad, an

Best loudspeakers for your home

The trick to finding the right loudspeaker is rather daunting, when one considers the innumerable advertisements, literature and sometimes false endorsement of a product. However, there are some superbly designed and high quality performance loudspeake

Amazing hidden televisions ideas for ultra geeky homes

Spacious homes, in modern times are a rarity. It therefore becomes imperative to make optimum usage of the available floor area by finding innovative methods to display furniture. The following are 10 different ways to save on TV space by hiding/blending

Best of 2011: Home Theaters

This article has a single, crystalline purpose – to dive headlong into the competitive world of Home Theaters and return with a wish-list that would make even the most budget-conscious sound engineer smile. Although to be fair, the majority of these choic

How to make your own cube loud speaker

Cube speakers are tiny little objects that crank out wonderful sound volumes. They will surprise you with the output they produce. And they are so small and neat that they fit almost anywhere quite unobtrusively. But, at higher volume levels they begin to

Eight amazing foosball tables to entertain your guests

Foosball is commonly referred to as table soccer. It is a wonderful indoor sport played all over the planet. It can be described as an improvised football play that is played with handles and rods containing various figures to hit the ball. The players ha

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