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Home office furniture designs

When we say home office, we immediately think of a compact workstation that is space saving, functional and comfortable. What if we add to that great style in terms of design and look? Here is a list of some marvelous home office furniture designs so th

Cool and creative home office designs

Offices can be dull, drab and boring, especially when you have one at your own home. Space and designing issues along with work needs can make your office appear dull and your job can become monotonous. So, why not try different work ideas which will not

Designer desk built exclusively for designers at work

Designer: Scott Finnis (Adelaide, Australia)To make unique and useful products for people from all fields is the main work of a designer. But, have you ever heard about a furniture, specifically designed to suit the needs of designers by a designer? Desig

Steps to clear a cluttered home office desk

Messy and cluttered desk always makes it hard to find important and necessary things on time. Sometimes, if left unchecked for a long time, it becomes harder to find them. That’s why, proper organization of your desk at proper interval is very important

Osca Task Chair is a brilliant fusion of art and functionality

Osca Chair Designer/ Manufacturer Jessica Cassar, Melbourne, Australia Overview The Osca Task Chair is a product design that ranks high in both functionality and asthetics. A great chair Design by Jessica Cassar from Melbourne, it presents the use

Home Office Must Haves: Slanda pens to say goodbye to penholders

Manufacturer: Sweden based ‘Gustav Innovation’Price: $29.99 Our mind is a complex labyrinth of thoughts. Some are innovative while others are just a reflection of what you witness everyday. Unfortunately, most of the productive and innovative ones ar

Corner desks for home office

The option to work from home sure sounds fun, but setting up a dedicated work area can prove to be a daunting task especially if you live in a small apartment. An apt solution to this problem is investing in a corner desk, which won’t take up much space

Designer office furniture

When everything in terms of interiors, is getting infected by cool designs then how can home offices be ignored? There is a sea of furniture options available, which can baffle just anyone around. But, you should cleverly choose what suits your needs an

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