Home Office Guide

Intenso: Weired table inspired from stress and tension

Designer/manufacturer Raphael Volkmer Overview The designer, Raphael Volkmer, has come up with a unique concept of intensive table, Intenso. This table is not only the conservation of tactility, but also a usable and functional piece of handcraft. Alth

Home office fundamentals to get started

Bring out the entrepreneur in you by creating a beautiful home office for yourself. Even if you’re working from home, creating a small niche for yourself right within your heavenly abode is not too difficult. All you need to do is follow the right steps a

Home office decorating ideas

A perfect home office should have the charm to entice the owner as well as the clients. The office should be such that every single activity, ranging from file-reference to photocopying, can be achieved in an easy and clean manner. Designing an office is

Easy ways to make your home office clutter free

When you have an office at home, one of the biggest challenges is to uphold the sanctity of your work area. Having a disorganized office may create an unprofessional environment that can easily cut short your productivity level. This proves that having a

Expert tips to manage home office

While talking about home office management, one should be very careful about utilizing each and every section and element of the work space, be it selecting the right furniture or organizing and placing other useful commodities. Selection of office access

Prism Chair for a cozy space inside your busy office

If you are looking for some personal moments away from the busy work in your office, then this prism chair is up for you. It is manufactured as a reclining chair upon which you can sit and lay down to take a break from the stress and the noisy chores of y

Trendy desk lamps for your home office

Introduction:Are you on the lookout for great lighting in your office space? Then you should opt for something that is in tune with the times, something more trendy and classy that suits your style. Many manufacturers are coming out with innovative and

How to create a home office in your basement

Today, many people have started working from home. Freelancing, online selling and buying, booking tickets and other small-scale businesses. This kind of work does not fetch so much turnover to buy an office-space in an apartment. So, it is quite prudent

Best home office furniture designs

When we say Home-office, we immediately think of a compact workstation that is space saving, functional, and comfortable. What if we add to that great style in terms of design and look? A list of the best 12 home-office furniture designs are presented her

How to design a compact home office

Our lives are so busy these days that we often bring our offices home. Even if we do not, there is a lot of paper work involved in the day-to-day functioning of our modern lives like writing cheques, making agreements, paying bills, etc. If desk work is s

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