Home Office Guide

Home office module that takes care of all your needs

Well, almost! Murphy Bed Home Office from Flying Beds serves more than a dual purpose, which our mortal eyes have perceived just from the name. Its an amazing space saver, considering the fact that this one module is compact enough to create many livin

TAB office desk cum dining table with hidden compartments

Space and time efficient designer products are any day the best pick for people dwelling in small apartments working hard to cope up with the competitive world. The TAB by design studio Razy2 designed with a split personality is one nicely designed table

Moon ‘office’ room for your garden

Roomworks, a company that specializes in eco-friendly architecture, has designed a tiny garden office room, ‘Moonroom’ that can be a source of inspiration for sustainable living. With insulated shell of 100mm SIPS walls, floors and an extensive roof it

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