Inspiration/ Extreme Makeover

Mini flat given serous bachelor pad makeover

One of the less highlighted byproducts of the Women’s Lib
movement was the bachelor pad. As women around the world demanded the right to
be treated as equals in the workplace, a large number of them began delayed
getting married while others began consi

How you can turn your spacious kitchen into an island

If you are blessed with a spacious kitchen, then you
have the opportunity to let your imagination run lose. You not only have extra
space for furniture, working, cooking and eating, but you also have extra space
for putting your ingenuity into practice! S

NeuroStar: Stunning sculpture designed by Cliff Garten

The Molecular Biotechnology building at the University of Utah in the Salt Lake city has a new kind of geologic sculpture for its interiors. The artist Cliff Garten of Los Angeles envisioned the world that we live in can be very well interpreted in terms

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