Living Spaces

Refreshing up your room for a new feel

There are many ways to refresh and enhance the look of your room without spending much money or disrupting the structure of the room. The whole idea is to change only those details, which will give a new lift to the room and by putting in a fresh coat of

Embracing nature’s spirit in ‘House of tree’

This is an age where people want to live as close to nature as possible. It is also an age where people ask for the most modern of homely comforts. For such people who wish to have the best of both the worlds, the luxurious penthouse apartment located bet

Create spaces and maintain flow in open concept houses

Having a closed-concept space or home needs a lot of planning and work to make different rooms flow together. This becomes even more challenging when an open concept space is taken up. On one hand, a flow has to be maintained; and on the other, some sort

15 Crucial things to know before buying a house

Owning a home is a very satisfying feeling. A large part of that satisfaction comes from the effort that goes into finding that perfect hearth for yourself. Buying a house becomes very difficult mainly because of the choices available and the costs that g

Bio Blaze presents ethanol powered Veniz fireplace

Bio Blaze, famous for its assemblage of innovative fireplaces, has yet again come up with another extraordinary addition to its collection of floor models: The Veniz Fireplace. What distinguishes Bio Blazes’ Veniz fireplace from other commonplace firepl

Top 10 Cool and Creative Floor Pillows to Rest in Comfort

Pillows are our great companions during sleep that offers relief to our neck and head. Decorative pillows are creative one that takes less space of your home providing great comfort while sleeping, reading and even playing. Below is the list of some cool

7 Stylish glass staircase designs for contemporary homes

There have been constant upgradation and innovations in the sphere of home decors. Right from the fittings in the house to the staircases, the look and feel of the home décor is getting more modern and contemporary everyday. Glass staircases are another

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