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Rollable solar panels to help you lower your energy bill

SoloPower has rolled out Rollable solar panels that gracing the flat roofs of your home will help you lower your energy bill and contribute in saving the world from more harmful greenhouse gas emissions. The panels are lighter than your typical solar.

Wireless Indoor/Outdoor speaker lets you enjoy music anywhere

This wireless indoor/outdoor stereo speaker from Audio Unlimited seems to be a great option whether the party is in your backyard or inside the house. The speakers, without any mess of wires, will enrich you with an outstanding listeting experience…

EGrill makes cooking a rosy task

Wearing the price tag of $199, the portable EGrill pictured here promises to make even the not a cooking person too to come out of the kitchen with a really tasty smelling food. Clean out your backyard and make some place for EGrill. The cool traits of.

Dress up your deck or patio with the cordless lantern

Summers are the best time to sit in the open air and take the pleasure of cool breeze in your gardens. The backyards or your garden takes a special place in your house, and so something like Cordless Patio Lantern definitely need to be part of your..

Walkway tiles light your path by harnessing sun’s energy

Are you planning to make some changes in your garden and backyard? Then these Walkway tiles are something for you to try. The tiles illuminate your garden way where they are place by making use of solar energy. Each tile comes with the…

Blossoming garden light actually blooms!

With the rising dawn, you must have seen flowers blooming every morning and closing at sunset. But, have you ever seen lights blooming? Check out the Blossoming Garden solar light that actually blooms like a flower. The solar powered lights capture…

Amazing Terraform Sculptures that grow!

Yes, you got it right. These sculptures really grow. The fascinating sculptures named as Terraform Sculptures by Robert Cannon will liven up your backyard or garden with their visually pleasing appeal. The sculptures are simply made of concrete and…

A chandelier made of 14 milk gallon bottles

Milky Way is the name of the chandelier and it comes from Rehab. Such an apt name, taking in consideration the material it is made of, fourteen milk gallon bottles to be precise. It is an outdoor chandelier, which has been especially designed to…

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