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Solar powered heater made out of beer bottles

I just love these things that people make at home. Heaters, ovens igloos and what not! It just means that we who pretend to know more really don’t rack our brains enough to come up with things that could just begin to change the world and that…

Crab gas stove is easily portable

By Kwon Jin Cherl, the Crab Gas Stove takes inspiration from the shape of the crab, which of course is delicious. It is a fold-able and a compact gas stove that will make it very easy for you to cook outdoors. Whether you go out for camping or you..

Mr Lem makes for an outstanding outdoor furniture

Myyour, an Italian company introduces new outdoor furniture with the stool-table named “Mr Lem”. Designed by Moredesign, the stackable stool-table is designed like a small spaceship. The shape is innovative by itself, giving the impression of…

Blossoming Fiore sofa to freshen up your garden

The Fiore garden sofa by Impulses International Furniture from Bern, Switzerland is one blossoming seating system that while parked in your lawn, backyard, garden, pool or anywhere outside promises to freshen up the place. Inspired by flowers, this…

Adventure of two friends in a house (boat)

Ever wished you had a house that you owned and with that you could have an adventure that you had been waiting for. Well, William Steele and Russ Mobley are inspirational figures for that. William Steele built a houseboat with his friend Russ Mobley..

Real Estate Beat: David Hasselhoff’s Encino house on sale

David Hasselhoff, an actor and a judge of one of the famous reality show, puts his Encino house on sale. The house is situated in Louise Avenue, CA and covers an area of 8,947 square foot. Comprising five bedrooms and five bathrooms sits; the house is..

Courtyards that endow exquisiteness with comfort

Are you seeking for a beautiful and heart pleading courtyard that endows you with comfort? Here are few guidelines, which can transform your courtyard into a commendable place. The courtyard should be designed keeping in view the comfort and…

Sustainably creative discarded chair dragon

Imagine one day you get up in the morning and see a giant dragon in your garden. Sounds scary? How about taming it? Well, not a real one! Here’s a dragon that will sit in your lawn or backyard but won’t scare you. Discarded chair dragon by…

Inspiration: Bathe under the open sky

Bathroom, the first words that comes to mind is privacy or secluded. High time things need to change. Well, they did a long time back but when is it going to be implied? It is definitely a last reminder- take your bath outside your house, under the…

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