7 Cool soap dispensers for your funky bathroom

If you are the kind of person that hates having to struggle
with bars of soap, a soap dispenser is a must have for your bathrooms, half
baths and kitchen. Even though most people don’t mind using the plastic ones
that branded liquid soap comes in, they

Ways to use mosaic tiles in home decor

Top-notch interior decorators, like leaders, do not do different things. They just do the same things differently. While the majority of people fear using mosaic tiles anywhere else except bathrooms and toilets at home, the latest trendsetters are creatin

Keep your kitchen clutter free with smart tray

As cities run out of space to accommodate the growing
population and apartments get smaller, both designers and apartment dwellers
are struggling to come up with kitchen solutions that are more suited to
smaller cooking spaces. Most people living in

7 Design ideas for a small kitchen

The mushrooming nature of urban areas has definitely created a living-space crunch. The kitchen space is often compromised over that of the living room or bedroom. However, the lack of space need not mean a characterless, cramped and storage-lacking kitch

7 Cool sink designs for your kitchen

The kitchen sink is traditionally the most ‘dirty’ area in the kitchen after the dustbin! However, that no longer seems to be the case with the arrival of some neat and creative kitchen sink designs. Here are some designs which promises to transform the k

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