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Meta Material designs a cardboard cactus to purify the air

At the Milan Design Week for 2012, a unique and exciting new technology was put on display. This design truly caters to the need in bringing down pollution within a household. The designer of the cardboard cactus, which can filter clean air within its per

Weird devices you’d never try in your bathroom

Most of us prefer our bathrooms to be simple, however, some may like to add a hint of drama even to this segment of house. To help them out, several devices have been introduced in the market. Unfortunately, some of these appliances make your bathroom loo

Hipporoller: Water transportation and purification made easy!

Designer/Manufacturer Sam Young Overview Hipporroller takes its cue from the nesquick magic straws, which is a concept of making milk shake with milk shake balls while using a straw. The designer has reversed this idea and used chlorine balls to saniti

Portable and intuitive induction cooktop from Thermador

The designer/manufacturer Thermador Overview Trendy induction cooktops can rev up the look of plush kitchens immensely. They are sleek, easier to maintain and convenient to work with. This all-new induction cooktop from Thermador provides all this an

Star Trek electronic door chime is a sci-fi relic

Remember the dark and haunting nights of rainy season swooshing at the backyard? Star Trek electronic door chime gives you the exact feeling. It is specially designed for the die-hard fans of Star Trek and is officially licensed as Star Trek collectible.

Cocoon: Spectral’s Hi-Fi TV stand with Apple docking station

Spectral Audio Mobel Gmbh is one of the most successful furniture specialists that has its base in Swabia, Germany. The company was founded by three brothers who manufacture products like television stands, speaker stands, cleaning spray and other gene

10 Digital photo frames with built-in clock or MP3

Technology has eradicated ordinary photo frames. Now, most people are using digital photo frames as it comes with lot of features and it’s more beautiful when compared to the ordinary photo frames. These digital photo frames allows you to store more photo

Five interactive tile designs for hi-tech homes

The days are gone when the home tiles meant those big square shaped tiles which were just a piece of marble. This is an era of ultra-cool and really futuristic tiles which have not only changed the complete world of tiles but have given a new dimension

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