Terraviva Domestic Composter- Eco-chic kitchen waste recycling unit

composter 3

Terraviva Domestic Composter by Ravel Casela is a stylish composting unit that sits beautifully atop your kitchen counter and recycles waste for the sake of your plants thereby making you lead a sustainable life.

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What’s different? With the help of aerobic microorganisms, which speed up the degradation process via electromechanical processes the smart little device decomposes organic stuff like your peels and leftovers. And yes, it makes sure, your kitchen doesn’t stink. You just gotta hook it up to a power source for around 20 minutes a day and once it’s tanked up, it just carries on with its task. It has the capacity to process 12 liters or 7 kgs of waste at a time.

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Via: Yankodesign

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