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Universal Iron caddy

Where’s the Iron Darling…Under the bed! This is a common statement in most of the homes every morning. Iron is rarely found on the correct place. This Universal Iron Caddy will keep your Iron in place.

The caddy is made up of Non burn material; this

Christmas Gift Guide # 1 : NYMug Set

What would be a better way to welcome your guest this Christmas than a mug of hot steaming coffee? Topping it if the mug reads ‘We are Happy to Serve You’…I guess this will be the ultimate present for your guests. Guys you are giving them full proof o

Stylish Auto & Home Air Fresheners

Must say this is one of the best ways to keep the home smelling good. An Air freshener in this form is a unique creation. You can hang it in your car or in the kitchen or for that matter in bath room too.

These are scented circles lined with beads…

A Look at The Best Housekeeping Blogs

All about the limonny lemon and its possible uses.

Learn how to clean those wet muddy steps on your carpet in the rainy season.

The funniest gardening tips you might have ever heard of.

Enjoy a sumptuous meal without increasing your waist line.


Eat and Lose Weight

If you like the thought of eating and losing weight, I must tell you that actually having dairy products, spicy foods, cinnamon, grape fruit, green tea and lots of water can help you loose pounds.

You don’t believe me, read on…

Remove that Red Wine Stain

After a boozy party, you don’t need to worry anymore about the stubborn red wine stains.

Place the stained fabric in the sink and pour boiling water over the stain from a height of three to four feet. This works wonders in case, the stain is…

Train Your Toddler

Consider the abilities of your kid and do assign them some day-to-day household chores, according to his age group and capabilities.

Spend some time personally training brilliant young minds during their first attempts at a new activity.

This will…

Smoke Free Glasses

Ever wanted a solution to burning and painful irritation caused by smoke billowing from the barbecue pit or backyard outdoor grill?

Here is a new product called smoke-free glasses, that seals your eyes from all the smoke and irritation.

Priced on the.

Top ten laundry stain removers

I was reading this article on top ten laundry stain removers.

Have a look at them as it might just be able to help you out.

Some Uncommon Uses of Salt

Uses of salt that you never knew.

A little salt added to cake icings prevents them from sugaring.

The greasiest iron pan will wash easily if you put a little salt in it and wipe with paper.

Sprinkle spills of salt and cinnamon while oven and burners…

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