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10 energy meters to keep a check on you power consumption

Best Energy saving meters

The days are gone when the energy meters meant those big black colored box with a rotating stuff inside. In this present generation the energy meters are developed to give a new digital looks and are much more appropriate than the old ones. Energy meters are required to know the power consumption of a house so that the power consumption does not go beyond the budget.

This enables consumers to shift energy consumption to the time of day when power is cheapest. Here is a list of energy meters that will help you in saving your power consumption and also will keep a check on it.

1. Energy Hub


Energy power meter is made to save the average power consumption of a family. It helps the consumers to manage the peak loads of appliances in a better way. The company believes that this Energy hub device can save up to 20% of the electricity bill per month. This device is out in market and is popular for what it delivers. At the specs, it looks cool and compact and does a good job.

2. Tendril


Tendril is another energy saving device it is also called TREE. TREE is a short form of Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem. This hardware and software solution is designed to support the smart energy devices for the home. It provides a real time two-way communication for energy saving between the user and energy provider. It helps in saving the monthly bill and also increases visibility.

3. Agile waves

Agile waves

This system allows user to get the complete information about the consumption of water, gas, and electricity usage. This Agile waves resource monitor is a full touchscreen device that provides a very good user-friendly interface. It is so easy to use that anyone can learn to operate it. The company believes it would reduce up to 20% of electricity consumption.

4. Google Power Meter

Google Power Meter

Google Power meter is the next device that is making buzz in the market. Provided by Google, this is one of the freely available device that lets you save your electricity bill and money. Using the energy information provided, the device is capable of giving the exact details of your home’s energy consumption from anywhere online. These features add to its popularity and the device is in high demand.

5. Greenbox


Greenbox is another latest technology in the field of energy consumption. This greenbox acquired by Silver Spring Networks provides end to end solution to all the energy consumption problems. The device is super fast in calculating the amount of energy consumed and also lets you know way of reducing it. It is very popular among the consumers and is worth of a real deal.

6. The Energy Detective-TED

The Energy Detective-TED

The energy detective TED helps the daily energy consumers to save a lot on their energy bill. This helps in lowering the power consumption by its latest energy saving technology and also it reduces the effect on the environment by providing apt load management solutions. At the whole the device is a complete value for money deal and a cost saver.

7. PowerMand


PowerMand is Portland based company that provides hardware and software tools for energy saving and management purposes. This is believed to be one of the most energy efficient devices that provides every detailed information about the energy consumption and helps in saving energy bill. This device is among the hot favorite of consumers.

8. Home Energy Hub

Home Energy Hub

The Home Energy Hub is an energy saving device which was first introduced by British gas and was offered to the consumers of Britain free of cost. This dynamic electricity usage monitor keeps a complete record of the power consumed and lets the user know the amount of energy consumed at any time. This would help out in deciding the ways of saving electricity for further use. It is available at just £35.

9. PowerTab


The PowerTab brings all your energy consuming worries to an end. Made specially for home owners, this is a cool, sleek, and a very user-friendly device that lets you save plenty of energy per month. The smart technology of the PowerTab brings it to the top of the consumer’s favorite list.

10. Onzo


The Onzo is developed by a London-based company that is known for its sleek and energy saving devices. This device is also capable of saving lot of energy consumption. Its stylish looks and compact design add to its beauty and the device is going really high in the market for its cool user friendly features and interface.