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BatheXercise lets you workout in the shower

What is the single biggest excuse that people give to
justify why they don’t work out? That they don’t have enough time for it in
their packed schedule. This has led to the development of various hybrid workouts
and even ways a workout can be fitted r

10 Eco-Friendly Homes That Will Leave You Impressed

The rising concerns of global warming and its alarming after effects have led to many individuals opting for eco-friendly homes over the past few years. A green home is one…

Taking décor the geek way

Geek is the new chic. Not only the geek look is cool and alluring, it gives you an edge over the causal look. Every person will like to wear or…

Luxury master bedroom design ideas you can use

Who said that luxury was just meant for royals? Times have changed and getting a streak of opulence are bedrooms, which are being decorated in a stunning way to give the place a vivid intensity. Luxurious bedroom designs always come dipped in a warm and

A quick glance: The best of Milan Design Week 2012

Milan, the city of constant renewal, is currently witnessing some of the best creative designs from all over the world. Starting from 17th April, the Milan Design Week will run till 22nd April, which will definitely showcase many more interesting creation

Cozy and comfortable resort style interiors

Created by Blu Water Studio, this Penang, Malaysia based open air concept
home won the Show Unit award for the Residential category at the Malaysian
Interior Design Awards in 2011. The concept is designed to combine the
luxuriousness of resort-style inter

Skillfully incorporating black furniture into your room and home décor

Not many people dare to incorporate black furniture into their room décor not because they do not like it but they find it hard to do so. They believe it…

Decoration ideas for a swank studio apartment

Studio apartment is nothing but an open plan apartment with no separate living, dining or bedroom area. The owner has to designate different areas for sitting, dining and sleeping according…

Creating a Perfectly Hospitable Retreat For The Guests Visiting Your Home

Your home is your family’s sanctuary and also a mirror that reflects your persona to the outside world. This home is also a humble abode for visiting guests, whether close…

Inspired by robotics, Krux 13 stool takes a minimalist route

Krux 13 by Case Studio is a modern stool, every way you think about it. There is something peculiar about this tool, its legs. Taking on a robotic look, the…

Most effective flood barriers for homes 2018

Flooding is increasingly becoming a common problem in cities all over the world. Waterways become clogged in the slightest of showers, causing floods within cities in Europe, US, and Asia.…

10 Amazing futuristic home design concepts

As we progress towards a more high-tech and hectic lifestyle, there is a need to create futuristic gadgets that combine practicality with style. Creative individuals are pushing themselves to design increasingly useful and environment friendly devices to

Make your furniture pop with these painting tips

All of us prefer bold, exotic and dramatic interiors to an ordinary, bland interior. The best way to enhance the interiors without spending much is to use paints. Paints can bring out the best contrast as well as monotone depending on the requirement. Fur

Kitchen island ideas for a great looking and functional kitchen

A kitchen island can offer you a terrific option for additional storage in a kitchen. It offers you a place to work on, a place to have your meals, and…

Intriguing curtain rod ideas that add flair to your interior decor

Curtains are an important accessory that completes the look and feel of the interiors. Curtains, apart from controlling the light and air entering inside our house, also reflect our moods…

Octave Spiral wooden armchair is a treat to behold

Gone are the days when everyone used to favor standard furniture designs that featured boring curves and cuts with minimal decorations. Artistic pieces of furniture are making their way into…

7 Awesome décor ideas to add the new age look to your home

As you age, you will most probably outgrow your old room. And with time, you would probably start thinking about revamping the room to suit your current tastes. Accordingly, here…

Eight creative calendar designs for modern living spaces

Calendars are a must have for every home. They help us keep track of the passing days and time. Even after the advancement of technology and the changing lifestyles of people the importance and necessity of calendars have not diminished. But with changing