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Mobile Walls from KC Design Studio help you customize your small apartment

Living in a small space is never easy. Especially if you
have grown up in a larger suburban home where you had a place for everything
and everything had a place. But that doesn’t mean that living in a small apartment
in the city or a starter home needs

7 creative wall art ideas to breathe new life into your home

What is it that comes into your mind when you think about a new wall decal or design? Maybe you think immediately of wallpaper, photographs or prints, or even some…

Matrioshka Pendant Lamps flaunt minimalist and modern design

Ever walked by a lamp that mesmerized you to the point that you had to slow down and take in its brilliance for a couple of seconds before moving on?…

What are bedroom design ideas with wainscoting?

I am a teenager. I am moving into new house. My bedroom has two walls that are pine wainscoting floor to ceiling. Also the shade of carpet is in grayish tone. So can someone help me with few bedroom design ideas which work well with all these pine wainsco

Intriguing curtain rod ideas that add flair to your interior decor

Curtains are an important accessory that completes the look and feel of the interiors. Curtains, apart from controlling the light and air entering inside our house, also reflect our moods…

Alcarol brings the touch of nature to avant-garde furniture collections

If you love nature and art, then you may now get a combination of both in the special furniture collections from Alcarol. Designers at Alcarol use specialized techniques to come…

Bringing the Scandinavian style to your living room décor

Scandinavian design is characterized by simplicity, functionality and minimalism. The design has emerged as one of the most recognized home design around the world. This design style gained its popularity…

10 Artistic fish bowls for a lively home decor

There are many gadgets available in the market that adds to the beauty of your home. When it comes to home decoration, fish bowls are ineluctable. These fish bowls not only are gorgeous but also add to the beauty of your house. The fish tanks are usuall

Fireplace makeover decorating ideas for the holiday season

During the festive season, decorating the house is too much of fun. The whole family gets together and equally contributes towards the decoration. The Christmas Lights, various ornaments, the Christmas…

13 Tips for cat- proofing your furniture

Cats are often seen scratching. They do so to communicate with one another, remove the older cloth sheaths or to stretch out the muscles. Cats look at furniture as the…

Velvet Curtains: 7 Most Elegant

Most of us have one very simple utility of curtains: To add a dash of beauty on doors and window panes. However, this does serve the dual purpose of beautification and utility as well. Velvet curtains have significantly risen to become one of the most sou

Design ideas for Spanish home decor

Spanish homes are not just stylish in décor, but they also look welcoming, cozy and bright. The lively colors, relaxed sunny siestas and a touch of olden charm offers a dazzling and inviting look to the house. The brilliant use of warm colors, rugs and w

Tips to Prepare Kid’s Rooms before Inviting Potential Homebuyers

A kid’s room is where tots spend most of the time relaxing, studying and growing. If you are planning to sell your home, be ready to pay attention to your…

Hangzhou Stool by Min Chen is not as delicate as it looks

Min Chen is an industrial designer based in Beijing. And while
that may not evoke too much envy in designers based in cities with a heavy industrial
legacy like Munich or Boston, the region around it is quite well known for what
the western world would co

9 Mughal Era Home Décor Ideas To Give Your House A Royal Look

Vibrant colors, beautifully designed carvings, delicate work and lots more – these are some of the various elements of Mughal architecture. Ever since the dawn of time, this form of…

The outrageously unique ‘Newton Bathtub’ from the house of Maison Valentina

Some of us love to have that unique item in the house that we can show off to our guests. If you belong to the same category, then this post…

This ingenious table demonstrates the space time continuum

Einstein’s theories of relativity were never understood in his time. In fact, people at that time, mockingly called the general theory of relativity as general nonsense and the special theory of relativity as special nonsense! In what could be considered

Things to be kept in mind while decorating your rooms with beautiful city views

City views are a great way to escape your tiredness as it soothes down all your worries. A room with a city view makes you feel calm and works as…