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The Z-Wave technology in home automation

Z-Wave is a special technology that you will find in various home automation products. This technology is wireless, user friendly, economical, trustworthy, secured and reliable in various ways. The design,…

Add more elegance with these beautiful and trendy shower designs

A refreshing bath is enough to energize your body and release the stress. Therefore, you need to have a trendy in your bathrooms, as it not only makes the bathing…

Decorating with bottles made easy with these brilliant ideas

An average home throws away at least 3-4 glass bottles every
month. The number is significantly higher for wine drinkers. However, the latest
trend in home decorating favors upcycling and using your old bottles is a great
way to minimize your trash while

Trendy ashtray designs for modern living spaces

We all know that smoking is injurious to health. Numerous smokers have lost their lives due to cigarette. Smokers know that cigarettes kill them yet they do smoke. For all such smokers ashtray is an indispensable item. It is very important and useful to

Play the magic of two tone painting to create an artistic look for your home

Often when deciding to get a fresh coat of paint on the walls of the home, we tend to face the tough decision of choosing between two or more colors.…

Abc carpet for contemporary homes

Carpet is both a comfortable and fashionable choice for your home. Knowing what you want out of your carpet will help you select just the right one. Areas with high amount of traffic such as the family room, hallways and stairs call for the highest-perfor

Let these Steampunk coffee tables bring art and style to your living room

Steampunk is a subculture that has stemmed essentially from science fiction. This genre in design and fashion has a historical setting teamed with the steam powered machinery of the Victorian…

Umbra: A poetic clock in which shadows decide what time is it

In your childhood, did you ever wonder how an alteration in the position
of the sun causes shadows to change constantly? If yes, then read on to know about an
innovation that would amaze you in a similar manner. Designed by Roshan
Hakkim, this creation

Floor Rugs: 5 Most Durable

Floor rugs are a great option to add character to your room. They enhance the decor of the room and bring elegance and style to the most ordinary looking room. These are available in wide variety, from the contemporary style to traditional. Since these ar

A splash here, a splash there: Bright colors to liven up your home!

Tired of the grey, cold, dreary winter outside? Be bold and adventurous and get bright colors into the house to lift your spirits. Gone are the days when interiors were always in porridge and gruel colors that were too staid and dull. Old houses almost al

Things you need to know for a stunning spiral staircase

For many people, a spiral staircase in a home décor is essential because it adds the much-coveted style and the x-factor to it. For some others, a spiral staircase is…

Most amazing and intelligent faucet concepts

We have already seen a range of high-end faucets available on the shelves, which have been luxuriously designed to complement your space and provide maximum convenience of the users. This time, we have a collection of futuristic faucets as envisioned b

Wardrobe designs for small homes

A small home and a smaller wardrobe can pose a storage problem for all our belongings, clothes, shoes, scarves, jewellery, etc. If you are going through the same problem, we…

Modular sofas could be the life and change you wanted for your living room

The living room is that special area if a house where we long for peace, relaxation and enjoyment with our family members. Different homes have different living room plans and…

How to Make Your Kids’ Room Gender-Neutral

For people who either are expecting a child or already have two children with different genders, designing and decoration their kids’ room is not an easy job. While pink and…

Tips and tricks for adding the Victorian Steampunk charm to your home

You must be wondering as to what interior decoration ideas related to Steampunk style will help you when you know nothing about this style. Well you are not alone, as…

All You Need to Know about a walk-In Shower Without Doors

Bathing, generally referred to as an activity to keep our body free from dirt and germs, is also a relaxing and rejuvenating experience for both the mind and the body.…

Improving the Looking Glass

Few projections on life are more endearing, tested, and beloved than the allure of windows. All of us have an instinctual appreciation for the convenience allowed us when safely looking…