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Broomsticks and wooden boxes inspire new range of furniture

When someone tells you that a range of furniture is inspired
from broomsticks and wooden boxes, you kind of automatically assume that it
would look totally ugh and probably wouldn’t be something you can display in
your living space. But we suppose Anton

Which lights work best for indoor Christmas Decorations?

I am looking for the best lighting for indoor Christmas decorations. I have decided to decorate my home on Christmas but I don’t know which the best lighting is for this purpose. I have never bought any kind of lighting so I even don’t know about the

How about Moroccan décor for my living room?

I am looking for some attractive and lively decoration ideas for my living room which looks dull presently. I am trying to add some accents to my home that reflect the warmth outside and emerging light patterns at night. One of my friends told me to go fo

Air Transparent Soundproof Window blocks sound but not the breeze

Living in the city can be rally great if you like nightlife
and having a million things to do for fun over the weekend. However, the same
lively city that gives you so much joy on the weekend can be the bane of your
existence with its noise on Monday morn

Bringing the Scandinavian style to your living room décor

Scandinavian design is characterized by simplicity, functionality and minimalism. The design has emerged as one of the most recognized home design around the world. This design style gained its popularity…

Zig Zag Mirror reflects distortions and optical illusions

Mirrors can act
as a great decorative piece while at the same time reflecting our image. Adding
some fun to an everyday mirror and giving it an all new existence is Mut
Design, with an awe inspiring design named Zig Zag. If you are a lover of optical

Stencil wall art ideas to give your old walls a new look

Wall art is a perfect way to convert any dull or boring wall. This is also the ideal way to bring in a new change and give your house or…

Choosing the right pedestal sink for your home

Pedestal sinks were in vogue some decades ago. As living spaces became smaller, there was need to conserve space. Looking at this preference, architects and home designers came up with…

How to Effectively Organise Your Home Office

Organising your home office can be a frustrating task, but when you’re done, you’ll be left with a much more constructive and efficient working environment. Here are five ways in…

Creating a cozy kitchen cottage you can love

Cottage style interior décor has a certain charm about it, which is cozy, welcoming, and a homey feel. People love adding it in some way or the other in their…

Cost effective ideas for a unique kitchen backsplash

Kitchen backsplashes available in different designs and materials are a great way to bring freshness or uniqueness to your cooking space. You can choose materials like tiles, marble or even…

Update your living room for the summers

Do you change your fashion statements with the changing season? Well, with the changing seasons one more thing that you must pay attention to is the décor of your house.…

Creative ideas for laundry room storage

We need everything that is required in the laundry room from washing bar to washing machine. This may also include kits for minor sewing repairs, shoe care, stain removal, and…

Greek inspired décor to throw in some opulence to your space

Greek decor is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also defines your dwelling as opulent and extremely elegant space to live in. Soothing and nature inspired color palates, accent furniture pieces with dash of Greek glory, delicate flowing drapes and uph

Great DIY home decor ideas

When the decorating bug hits, you find yourself wanting to change the look of your interiors. Yet, the thought of making a mess while doing it puts a dampener on your enthusiasm. Relax, you do not have to be a professional to give your home a face lift as

Charlie Styrbjörn Nilsson reinvents the ladder

The oldest example of ladder usage is depicted in a cave painting in Valencia, Spain from the Mesolithic era. By all accounts, ladders are known to be an integral part of the tool box of ancient humans. However, the design of the basic ladder has remained

Garden pathway and backyard decorating ideas for a graduation party

When graduation approaches the mixed emotions of proud parents and hardworking kids reflects in the air. The excitement graduating from school or college and starting a new life; is shared…

Giving Your Home the Touch of Autumn

Autumn, the transition from summer into winter has its own charm. Falling leaves, waning summer light, need for warmth and more make this time of the year feel wonderful. Many…