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Modular Furniture Units You Would Love to Own

In the modern living areas, people search for modular items that make it easier to function, as well as save the space in their homes. Having modular furniture is a…

Nature inspired armchair by Davide Barzaghi

At first glance, it appears like a mega clay-modeling DIY project for a child. However, the “quartz chair” is a contemporary armchair that draws inspiration from nature. Biomimicry, an eternal source of innovation and inspiration, has resulted in this fun

Must have items to add glory to your bachelor pad

What’s good about a bachelor pad you ask? Well it’s your very own personal space that would reflect your style and personality, unmindful of what others may say or think…

Feng Shui inspired color tips that ease the flow of positive energy for your home

Colors enhance beauty and make a space cheerful, and there is a lot more to it. Different colors that you pick to adorn the walls of different rooms in your…

City Wall Cabinets by Antonio Lupi provide flexible storage to apartment dwellers

Freestanding cabinets are a must have for any apartment
dweller in the city. The ability to move these cabinets around to free up space
on will gives city folks the freedom to make the most of the limited space they
have in their homes. But freestanding t

Designing a teen girl’s room

Is your daughter stepping into her teenage? You must be looking for some
brand new bedroom designs for her. We have bedroom design ideas for both
stylish and pompous, and simple and sober teenage girls. Girls generally prefer
to have tones of pink, red an

Home automation require the implementation of a planned stage during construction – myth or reality

Home automation systems are supposed to make our lives easier and promise a superior lifestyle that we used to enjoy. There are many smart home products that are available now,…

Ways to Upgrade Your Home Effectively Within Limited Budget

If you are looking to renovate your house but do not have too much to spend on it, then let us tell you that you should not feel disappointed. Within…

Knowing Trash Can by Xinyi Wang takes the concept of a better outlook to recycling

Xinyi Wang is an industrial designer who has designed the Knowing Trash Can. Not a common trash can, but a design that is adept at bringing a change in recycling…

Redesigning your home with the royal Indian look

The royal Indian look could be the ideal look for your home. Luxurious interiors in bright colors are inviting and refreshing to look at, and spell elegance as well. Indian…

Cozy and comfortable resort style interiors

Created by Blu Water Studio, this Penang, Malaysia based open air concept home won the Show Unit award for the Residential category at the Malaysian Interior Design Awards in 2011. The concept is designed to combine the luxuriousness of resort-style inter

Prepare your fireplace for the approaching winters with these tips

During the winters, the warmth of the fireplace is always welcoming. It not only helps to make the place warm, but there are so many other benefits of having a…

Could you help me with some ideas for living room design?

I am a fitness trainer, and I know nothing about home designing, or interior designing as a whole. I have only two rooms in my apartment, as I live alone, and my requirements are not really too many. I want to get a few ideas related to living room design

Tips for choosing Transitional design for home that stays in trend

As the name suggests, transitional homes are the mixture of both modern and traditional home style. The advantage of transitional homes is it allows you to beautify your home and…

4 Ways to Build Beautiful Interiors on a Budget

Whether you have just closed on a new home or you have lived in your home for a while, changing the interior design should reflect your personality and style without…

XiangSheng Side Table 3 merges subtleties of contemporary western and eastern aesthetics

When Rudyard Kipling said, “East is east, west is west and the twain shall never meet,” he wasn’t probably talking about the duothat formed the Design MVW studios.An architect from…

Wardrobe designs for small homes

A small home and a smaller wardrobe can pose a storage problem for all our belongings, clothes, shoes, scarves, jewellery, etc. If you are going through the same problem, we…

Use These Smart Home Gadgets 2018 To Turn Your Sweet Homes Into Smart Ones

Who isn’t in love with their sweet homes? You toil hard with blood and sweat to build from scratch a dream with bricks. Finally, when you bring it to fruition,…