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10 tips to help you survive earthquakes

Earthquake is one of mother nature’s most destructive activities. It is one of the most disastrous natural phenomena which results from release of strain energy beneath the ground at particular locations causing tremendous ground shaking. Normally earthquake happens when stress accumulating at one location over certain period of time crosses the limit of the strength of the materials holding it there. Tremendous amount of energy gets released in the form of seismic waves which travels through the earth’s crust at a very high velocity causing extensive damage to the human built environment.

Countries like Japan, Indonesia, and west coast countries of Latin America are prone to experiencing violent earthquakes. People living in these areas must have the right knowledge on how to protect themselves from these devastating earthquakes in order to minimize the loss of lives. Through this article I am going to give you a few tips on what to do during an earthquake, which could literally prove the difference between life and death for you.

1. Drop to the ground and take cover under a table or any other piece of furniture to protect yourself from falling debris during an earthquake and stay there until the earthquake seizes. If you do not have any furniture to take cover, then just cover your face with a pillow or with your arms and sit in that position in a corner of your house.

Drop to the ground

2. If you have no heavy light fixture that can fall over you during the event of an earthquake, you can simply lie down on your bed covering your face with a pillow. If there is a heavy structure above which could fall over you then you must go to nearest safe place and take shelter there.
Hold on and protect your head with a pillow

3. Do not use elevators during the event of an earthquake. There could be a power failure during the earthquake and you could well get stuck. Elevators are among the most unsafe places to be during an earthquake.

Do not use elevators

4. Researches have shown that most people die trying to move out of their buildings in the event of an earthquake. That is why it is important that you stay inside your building during earth tremors and move out only when the shaking stops completely.

Man attempting to move to a different location

5. If you are outside your home and road or somewhere else, then try to be away from streetlights, buildings and overhead electrical wires. Being close to them might prove fatal for you since they could fall on you anytime during an earthquake.

Move away from buildings

6. If you are traveling in a vehicle during an earthquake, then stop as quickly as possible in an open area and stay inside the vehicle. Try to stop in an area away from trees, tall buildings, streetlights, overhead passes and overhead utility wires.

If in a moving vehicle, stop as quickly as safety permits

7. If by any chance you get trapped under debris, then do not light a match. Many people do that to check where they are. But that could prove fatal.

Do not light a matchbox

8. If you catch fire by any chance, then do not run around the house. It will only make the fire burn at a faster rate. In this case, just drop down on the ground and keep rolling on the ground till the fire is out completely.

If your clothes catch on fire

9. The room in your house above the ground floor should have the least number of windows and vents. The room should be big enough to fit everyone in the family comfortably. If by any chance it gets overcrowded, select more than one room. Large storage closets, pantries, conference rooms and other utility rooms without any windows or vents would protect you well during an earthquake.
Select interior room(s) above the ground floor

10. Keep listening to the television or radio about the earthquake and venture out only when you are told by the authorities that it is safe.

Keep listening to the radio or television

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