11 Essential Tips to Prepare for Your Move

11 Essential Tips to Prepare for Your Move

Moving is considered the third most stressful thing in life. The relocation process is quite exhausting physically, mentally, and financially. People try to avoid moving because they don’t want the hassle. But shifting can help you grow in life. You can explore better job opportunities and enjoy a better standard of living because of shifting.

Preparations are pretty underrated in the moving process. Most people don’t see the hard work behind the result and are amazed to see a seamless move. Behind every spectacular move, there is immense preparation that we don’t give attention to. Hiring Packers and Movers in Lucknow or wherever you live can ease out the shifting process.

You can use reliable portals like Thepackersmovers to hire trustworthy movers, as the platform does a complete verification of every associated moving company.

Here are a few essential tips that will help you prepare for the move:

1. Take Inventory

Our belongings have a deep emotional value to us, and losing them hurts us a lot. We get hit financially and also miss the item. A great way to safeguard your belongings while shifting is to take inventory of all your items. Remembering all the items in your head is impossible, and if you can note down all the belongings, you won’t have to rely on your memory.

Sometimes, items get misplaced or stolen during transit, and if you take the inventory, you can figure it out.

Take the inventory before the moving process begins so you don’t have to do it in a hurry.

2. Deep Clean your New Home

A vital step in preparing for the move is to deep clean your new home. Cleaning the house after it is filled with your belongings will be much more complicated, so deep clean the house before the moving process begins.

Whenever you enter a new house, you will notice a musty smell, as there are many bacteria and viruses in the house that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Start the cleaning process in the Kitchen, as this is where the most smell will be. You can use disinfectant cleaner to kill the bacteria.

After you have finished cleaning the Kitchen, focus on the bathroom, as the old toilet seats and toilet floor require extensive cleaning.

Cleaning the Kitchen and bathroom is vital as this is where the most germs are. After cleaning both, you should clean the whole house floor with disinfectant floor cleaner.

A deep cleaning of the new house will ensure that you can enter your new house without any hesitation.

3. Inform the Utility providers

It is impossible to imagine our lives without basic utilities like water, gas, electricity, and the internet. These services are as important to us as the air we breathe.

When shifting to a new house, keep in mind to ensure the utility providers in advance. Apply for a new connection in your new house in advance, as installation of these connections can take time.

4. Buy High-Quality Packing Material

Packing material plays a vital role in the successful shifting of material. If you want all your goods to be shifted safely, invest in high-quality packing material. You can also utilise the time by getting packing material for free.

Do some research about packing material, and don’t buy cheap packing material, as it will prove costly. Low-quality packing material won’t be able to absorb shocks and vibrations, and your belongings might get damaged during transit.

You can also take packing material from your friends, family, nearby shops, neighbours, etc, to save time and money.

5. Update Your Address

The excitement or nervousness of moving can sometimes lead us to forget about basic things. Updating our new address at important places is a primary task, and we should do it before the moving process begins. Updating the address at institutions like banks and government offices can take time, so it is wise to update the address as soon as possible.

6. Hire verified Movers

You should hire movers after extensive research, as this one decision will decide the fate of your move. Any fraudulent or mediocre moving company can turn your moving experience into a nightmare, so hire a trustworthy moving company.

Hiring reliable packers and movers in Delhi is daunting, but you can ask your friends or family for recommendations. You can also hire movers through online directories, as the portal does thorough verification of movers before recommending a moving company.

Take your time and select a moving company after you are convinced of the company’s capabilities.

7. Change the Locks

Everyone wants their home to be safe, and while shifting to a new place, you should ensure that the safety standard of your new house is maintained. Before you start shifting your belongings, change all the existing locks of the house. God knows how many people can access the house’s old keys, so it is better to be on the safe side and replace all the locks.

If you are buying a new house, changing the locks is no concern, but if you are renting a house, some landlords may not allow you to change the locks.

8. Measure Furniture and Doorways

Furniture is a major part of any house, and there can be a chance that the furniture doesn’t fit in your house. Before moving large furniture items, take a measuring tape and measure the dimensions of the furniture, doorways, staircases, and hallways in your new home. By measuring, you can be sure that furniture fits through tight spaces without any issues.

9. Backup Important Files

Data has become the oil and is quite precious for each individual. Before the relocation process starts, it is advised to back up all storage devices, such as hard drives, SSDs, memory cards, etc.

These storage devices are highly fragile, and even minute static can damage them, so it is better to upload the data to cloud storage services or external storage devices.

10. Check Meter Reading

The meters can become faulty over time, so it is highly recommended that you check them before you move in. With a faulty meter, you may have an unnecessary bill, which can hamper your budget.

To check if the meter is working properly or not, first note the meter reading down. After that, switch off everything inside the house for 2-3 hours. Recheck the readings, and if the reading is almost the same, the meter is working fine.

11. Meet Your New Neighbours

Neighbours play a huge role in our daily life. In any emergency, our neighbours can be of most help as it will take time for friends and family to come and help us. When preparing for the move, make sure to meet your new neighbours.

A small conversation will be great to introduce you and know more about them. You can gather a lot of information about the area from your neighbours. Try to create a good bond with the neighbours so in case you need any help, you can ask them. 


Proper preparation before the move will make the moving process much simpler. By following the above tips, you can remove hurdles from the shifting process and reduce the stress surrounding the move.

Moving can be quite toiling if you haven’t prepared properly, as a strong preparation covers a lot of aspects of the move.

With these tips, you can be adequately prepared for the move and utilise the time properly. In-depth planning can help you settle into the new home swiftly.

Have a Safe and Stress-free Move!

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