12 Bathroom Improvement Ideas for a Healthier Home


Bathrooms are where we do our most private business. Your bathroom can be your safe space or a constant source of embarrassment when you have visitors over. It can also be the place where you’re prone to more accidents and illnesses -it all depends on how well you take care of it.

If you’d like a safer, healthier, and more presentable bathroom, then it’s time for some bathroom improvement ideas.

12 Bathroom Improvement Ideas You Can Use

Here are 12 improvement ideas for your baths:

1. Install an inline under-sink water filter


If you don’t already have a whole-house filter connected to your house’s main water supply, then you should consider installing an inline under-sink water filter to every faucet in the house, including the bathroom faucet.

Filtered bathroom water is clean and free from dangerous contaminants like lead. It’s safe to brush your teeth with, and even to drink.

2. Use a shower filter

Most people can’t look past drinking water when they hear of “water filtration.” But the truth is, filtering your drinking water is just as important as filtering your bathwater. Your skin and hair are sensitive to some chemicals present in tap water, and if you want to avoid spending hundreds of dollars on skin and hair care products that might not work, it’s best to get your bathroom water filtered.

Installing a shower filter in your home can effectively rid your shower water of chlorine and other contaminants. Do proper research before buying a shower filter, though, to ensure you’re getting one from the best possible source.

3. Use an air dehumidifier

Bathrooms are the most humid rooms in the entire household. The steam produced from hot bath water releases moisture that lingers in the air and increases humidity.

If left unmanaged, high humidity will lead to mold and mildew growth on walls and the ceiling.

An air dehumidifier quickly and effectively removes moisture and saves your bathroom from smelly and unsightly molds and mildew.

4. Replace and update all the fixtures

A bathroom upgrade will be incomplete without replacing worn-out fixtures. Depending on your budget, you can replace the sink, toilet, and tub to avoid accidents from overused and cracked fixtures.

Even the bathroom faucets should be updated to lead-free faucets, for clean, lead-free water.

5. Install heated flooring


A bathroom floor can be extremely cold and uncomfortable to step on.

With heated flooring, you get the temperature you desire at any time of the day, and any season of the year. Installing heated flooring modernizes your home and makes it more valuable – it’s worth looking into.

6. Install a bathroom vent

A vent can work in place of a dehumidifier to remove moisture from your bathroom. The fan cleans out moisture from shower steam, rids your bathroom of bad odors, and thus prevents the growth of molds.

Ultimately, installing a bathroom vent will guarantee improved air quality. Ladened moisture and air pollutants that are harmful to your health are cleared, ensuring a safe and healthy home.

7. Use a frameless shower glass

Switch from framed shower glasses to unframed ones. Frameless shower glasses improve your bathroom’s overall aesthetics, giving it a brighter, more spacious feel. It’s one of those luxuries that completely transform a bath.

Apart from beautifying your bathroom, a frameless shower glasses also minimize the risk of mold because it has no metal or rubber seals in its frame, where water can settle.

8. Install a backsplash

Because most bathroom walls lack protection, they are often destroyed by moisture and water splashed from sinks and the shower. If this is a problem in your bathroom, too, you should consider getting a backsplash.

It protects walls from leakage and damage caused by molds and mildews and improves your bathroom‘s appeal. There are different kinds of bathroom backsplashes, and your choice should depend on your budget, taste, and existing décor.

9. Use a wall-mount showerhead


A wall-mount showerhead makes showering more comfortable for everyone in the home regardless of their heights.

It’s affordable, easily installed, and requires little effort to maintain.

10. Bathroom shower bench

This bathroom addition provides support for the impaired while in the shower. It’s highly recommended if you have elder people in your home or family members with disabilities.

You’ll also find it helpful while engaged in certain activities in the bathroom, like shaving. The shower bench provides the needed support to your feet while you shave your legs.

The size of your bathroom should influence the kind of shower bench you choose. If you have ample bathroom space, get an inbuilt shower bench. For a smaller bathroom, get a removable shower bench. It can be taken out when not needed, freeing up space.

11. Medicine cabinet

A medicine cabinet creates a storage space for everything, making your bathroom more organized. It’s a safe space to keep potentially harmful and controlled substances.

When installing a medicine cabinet, make it high and out of children’s reach.

12. Steam showers

We all need a touch of luxury in our everyday lives. A steam shower can turn any bathroom into a classier, more sophisticated space.

A steam shower produces steam in an enclosed room. It disperses steam all over the body, increasing perspiration.

A steam shower cleanses the skin, adds texture to the hair, relaxes the nerves, and generally leaves you feeling fantastic and well-rested. Exactly what we need!

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