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2 Stools: Unusually practical seating for two!

nir meiri 2stools

“2 Stools”, is the name given to the latest creation of young talented designer from Israel. Nir Meiri is the designer who is always interested in designing practical objects crafted in pretty unusual manner. The “2 Stools” is the latest project of this ingenious. The seating is composed of original mix of wood and leather. The wooden bench with two separate small stools can be used the way user wants to. At present, the cool seating is being showcased at Paradigma Gallery in Tel-Aviv and if you’re the one who wishes to take it home can find it soon on the market shelves. I like the elegance and unusually cool design of the 2 Stool seating.

nir meiri 2stools 1
nir meiri 2stools 2
nir meiri 2stools 3
nir meiri 2stools 5

Via: Freshome