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5 Things you need to know about automated access systems


As the security environment becomes more challenging, complex and even dangerous, there is a need to look at improvised and safer safety systems. However, the irony is that not many of us are aware of the fact that automated access systems including bollards & barriers are not as expensive and out of reach as we may think it to be. Yes, they may be expensive but the value for money that they offer is unmatched to say the least. Let us learn more about it over the next few lines.

1. They Offer Much Better Protection


When you spend time and choose the right barrier or gate, it offers a much better protection to the home. It provides a much better sense of security. If you do your research and view this specialist and a few others you will understand the reasons behind the growing demand for these automated access systems and bollards and barriers. Though you could also go for manual access gates, an automated one is much better because you have better control over it. You can control it using a keypad or a remote control.

2. They Help Monitor Guests and Others

There are a few more reasons why more and more end users prefer going in for access automation. When you have such devices installed outside the gate of your home or even office, you will be able to monitor and have full control over the persons who are there out at the gate. You will be able to see their faces and identify them. Hence, you can be sure that the overall safety and security of your home or office will go up quite significantly. This can be done by complementing these automated access systems with cameras and other monitoring and video devices.

3. Automatic Barrier Systems

Automatic Barrier Systems

When we think about automatic barrier systems, we always think of a gate that comes with gaps between it. It is of course available in many designs and if you want you also could choose a plain and sturdy block barrier. They are also known as boom gate and it is mostly found in car parks or in offices to manage cars. These barriers can be remotely opened and closed and they are therefore also used regularly in paid parking lots. The barrier gives way only when a token is inserted into the system. They find lot of use in big commercial markets, malls and other such places.

4. Are They Difficult to Install & Maintain?

Many of us often stay away from these automated access systems, because we feel that they are difficult and hard to maintain. This again is not the case. Yes the process of installation may be a bit complicated but it is almost the same when you decide to go in for manual access systems. We need to have almost all the things but in case of automated access, we need a power system or a remote controlling system that will make it work even in the absence of human intervention. Manual access systems need somebody to maintain them and it does cost quite a bit of money.

There is hardly any difference when it comes to maintenance. In fact modern day automated access systems perhaps require lesser maintenance compared to the manual one because they are well protected and they are also made from lighter and more user-friendly materials. We must bear in mind that they have longer life and the peace of mind that they give without any doubt is worth the few extra bucks that you may have to spend in installing them.

5. Intercom System

Intercom System

Intercom systems are also becoming integral part of any automated access systems. They are installed outside the main entrance or the main door. They are again a simple and effective way to know more about the individuals who seek entrance to your home or office. They are quite inexpensive but individually they may not be able to make a big difference. They should be accompanied by a foolproof access and monitoring system including doors, cameras and other such devices.

Final Word

In conclusion, there is no doubt that given the difficult, complicated and tough security and safety scenario, it does make quite a bit of sense to go in for a well thought out and planned automated access systems. They should be considered as prudent investment and they could contribute to the overall value of the home, office or other such places.

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