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5- Ways to help you Ensure Disease-free Home Environment

Disease-free Home Environment

Health comes above everything in life. To maintain good health we tend to take proper care of our body, diet, physical exercises and maintain follow a healthy lifestyle. People often ask a doctor for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, the left out aspect that plays a vital role in keeping us healthy is a clean environment. A clean environment has a long-term effect on our health, both physical and mental.

woman-illnessTalking about the environment, we spend most of our time at home, so it’s important to implement techniques to keep our house hygienic most of the time. We are lucky to have technologies which can help us to get basic elements in cleaner form if not pure at home, compared to the environment outside.  This makes the saying of Nesochi Okele-Igbokwe “Your home environment should be your safe haven” quite relatable.

Apart from implementing techniques to create a healthy environment, methods to keep our home toxin and disease free should also be followed in our daily life. This may include cleaning up often, proper disposal of wastes, etc. Staying in unclean, unkempt and unhygienic shall negatively impact mood and health negatively.

Living surrounding varies depending on the geographical structure; however, some modification and alteration in the home can help you to make your home disease-free.

Read below to make turn your home into a safer and cleaner environment:

  1. Proper waste disposal:This is one important step which is supposed to be followed strictly. A household waste can be distributed in different categories such as a toxin, biodegradable, recycle wastes, etc.; and should be disposed of accordingly. Sometimes, improper disposal of waste can become a threat to health and hazard for the environment.

Waste management methods should be kept in mind while disposing of the waste properly. Waste segregation, composting and sanitary landfill are some of the methods that should be practiced in daily life.

  1. Water filter:Water filterAccording to the survey, water is one of the leading causes of diseases occurring worldwide, mostly in developing countries. Water supply from tap and municipality are usually contaminated and contains contaminants such as pesticides, chlorine, lead, etc. The intake of these contaminants can be very harmful to health. Municipal water treatment methods are found to be ineffective and cause an outbreak of dangerous bacterial infections.

One of the ways to ensure that you get clean and pure drinking water, (free of any kind of contaminants) is the use of the filtration system implemented at point-of-use. There are filters which can be attached in tap or installed in the fridge, and help you to get water free from contaminants.

  1. Clean air:air-purifierDue to increasing pollution, the quality of air is degrading on daily basis. And, undoubtedly clean air is not just important but one of the essential elements to sustain the life. Breathing in pollutants can deteriorate the health adversely. In this era, where pollution is increasing exponentially, an air purifier is proved to be a boon.Air purifiers are instruments that assist in the filtration of air pollutants in the circulated air. It consists of HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters. It functions by encaging particles. The filters have the ability to trap the smallest particle that only vacuum would recirculate into the air.

This appliance is very useful for people who are suffering from respiratory allergies including asthma or if there is a chance of passive smoking at home. The air purifier can be easily installed in a home or commercial environment.

  1. Avoid dust:Avoid-dust.Accumulation of dust in corner of the house is a common phenomenon when the house is open (airy) or located in an area where the frequency of vehicle is more. Dust gets collected in any and every place which includes bookshelf, bed and pillows.

The problem begins when dust mites come along with the dust. Dust mites are a source of various skin and respiratory allergies.

To avoid such circumstance, proper precaution should be taken. Some of the safety tips include frequent vacuum, dusting, change pillowcase and bedding at regular interval and control humidity of house.

Due to increase in Dust, you can suffer from various Inflammatory Diseases like Asthma. In that case, you should immediately consult a doctor. Most common medicine for treating Inflammatory disease is Metrogyl. You can learn more about Metrogyl uses and composition here,

  1. Ban bugs with electric pest killers: mosquitoMice, cockroaches, bugs, flies and mosquitoes are not just annoying but they also carry several allergens and toxins with them. These allergens and toxins can be a health threat and getting rid them could be a difficult task.

Killing them with pesticide spray is easy but they are also not safe for human being especially when there is a kid in the house. Breathing in such pesticides can be proved as a hazard for health in the long run as it contaminates the air.

Applying body gel to repel mosquitoes and flies are not much efficient. Another option left is sealing off floors and cervices as they are the common path of entry.

One of the best ways to avoid this trouble is to install an electric pest-repeller. The appliance uses a glue board or unique encapsulation technology to capture and kill flying insects. The luminous device is designed as per safety and health guidelines and is proved to be hygienic for people of all age group.\

Maintaining a healthy home environment can help avoid allergies and diseases to a certain extent. This is considered a proactive step for good health.

Following the above steps and adapting some good changes in lifestyle can help you to prevent sickness and protect health.

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