6 Things Needed to Make a House Feel Like a Home

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After first moving into a new place, many homeowners feel like dong lots of things to make it truly feel like a home. The place starts out as just any other house at first until things get done to make it feel like one’s own. At least six things are needed to make a house feel like a home that you should begin doing as soon as they get the keys.

Pest-Free Space

Some houses, particularly older models, tend to have webs in some areas. Whether you find them all in the basement or they are in the corners of your bathroom, you need to be sure all areas of the home are pest-free if you want it to feel like a homey space you feel comfortable in each day. Phoenix is even home to scorpions, so don’t be surprised if you find one, or several, hiding under boards and clutter within the home. Call pest control in Phoenix to have specialists come out and perform an evaluation. They will locate all problem areas and remove the insects so your home is pest-free and livable.

Treasured Decorations

One of the many wonderfully lovable things that make a house a home are the treasured decorations you place inside. Take your favorite items and knick-knacks and be sure to put them on display so you can show them off proudly. It will make the house feel more like your own and give you a happy atmosphere that you can enjoy.

Personal Touches

Some knick-knacks may be special to you but other homes flaunt them as well. This is especially true if you have many store-bought items from local shops where others frequent. What makes your home even more special is all the other personal touches you place on it. Having pictures up of your family members, using homemade items, or setting up gifts from loved ones are all ways to make the place your own. You should also set up the furniture in a way you like, rather than doing it the way most people seem to when they follow a design.

New Coat of Paint

Although you may have purchased the house thinking you’d leave the paint the same, a new coat would do wonders to make the home yours. You can sample swatches and see what color truly catches your eye. A new coat of paint is just another way to make the house a home that you can make memories in for a lifetime.

Functional Design

Your home should be functional and not just fancily decorated. After all, you will be living there for possibly years to come. Rather than tucking items away in a drawer, you can incorporate them into the design of your house to make it functional yet stylish. Take kitchen utensils for instance. Don’t place them in a drawer. Instead, place a decorated jar on the counter and put the utensils inside. They can add a bit of decoration to the counter space while putting them right in your reach for ease-of-use.

The Right Lighting

The right lighting goes a long way inside a home. If you have a darkened space, you may not want to spend as much time inside. If the lights are far too bright, it may seem more like an office than a house. Incorporate the right lighting for each room, giving it an unignorable ambiance.

A house does not become a home until you have begin the work to make it so. Rather than moving right in and placing typical items where you think they should go, it is better to take your time setting everything in a place that is just right for you. Include personal touches and treasured decorations to make the home truly yours and unlike anyone else’s.

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