8 Tips for Creating a Spa-Like Bathroom


These days we all feel too much stress as life becomes more and more dynamic. It’s like we need relaxation 24/7. If, in the past, the SPA vacation once per season was enough, today, we would appreciate it every evening after a stressful day at the office. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend lots of money on daily SPA visits anymore.

With the following 8 tips provided by painters and decorators working with Fantastic Services, you can bring the SPA experience directly to your home.

1. Declutter Your Bathroom

One of the most pleasant and relaxing things about a SPA vacation (and a vacation in general) is that you are off housekeeping duties. You don’t have to clean, dust or vacuum the floor. And yet, every time you go down to the SPA centre in your booked hotel, you appear in a 101% hygienic area where everything is sparkling clean.

Since you will be turning your bathroom into a SPA, you will have to do the cleaning on your own. But here’s the big secret: once you get rid of everything unnecessary, every next purge will be as easy as a childish game. And thus, you can have your SPA relaxation at home every evening.

2. Incorporate Plenty of Storage Space

If you have a small-size bathroom, don’t panic, you can still have that SPA zone within it. However, to avoid overfilling it with items again, install drawers and cabinets. If you can’t do it on your own, hire a handyman, it will be well worth it.

The fewer things are left on display, the less something will grab your attention. Try to recall your last visit of yours to a SPA centre. It wasn’t full of tiny objects that disperse your meditation during a body procedure or your relaxation in an aroma bath. This atmosphere is supposed to be recreated in your bathroom, too.

3. Incorporate Natural Elements

SPA isn’t only about cosmetic procedures and having a steam detox. It’s also about restoring the harmony between your mind and body. And in that train of thought, it’s nature that helps us reach nirvana. So don’t hesitate to bring nature to your SPA-styled bathroom as part of your interior styling. Try these:

  • Replace the plastic and metal items with natural materials (bamboo, wooden, linen);
  • Place live plants in pots on the window stool;
  • Install an audio device to set a pleasant mood with sounds of nature (bird’s songs, ocean waves, etc.);
  • Use the right decors – paintings made of natural moss, vases with fresh flowers, twigs, seaside clams or а panel with dried leaves.

4. Stock Up on Towels

If there’s something expensive you should buy for this DIY bathroom makeover project, it’s a new and better set of towels. Even if you’ve maintained your old towels adequately, that doesn’t make them suitable for the new bathroom look you’re going for. Invest in 100% organic cotton towels, preferably in earthy hues. You will notice the huge difference when you get used to them.

5. Use the Right Colour to Create Calming Bathroom Decor

Speaking of earthy shades, they are fantastic and ideal for the SPA-like bathroom environment. But besides beige, green and dark brown, you can opt for many other suitable colours to enhance the calming atmosphere conception. Check out these examples:

  1. Blue – Shades of blue, such as light blue, aqua, or pastel blue, can create a soothing and serene ambience. Since blue is often associated with water, it can evoke a sense of tranquillity and relaxation.
  2. Grey – Soft shades of grey can lend a sophisticated and calming feel to your bathroom. Gray works well with various accent colours and can create a modern and elegant atmosphere.
  3. Lavender – This delicate shade of purple can add a touch of femininity and serenity to your bathroom. Lavender is known for its calming properties and can promote a sense of tranquillity.
  4. Soft Pink – Soft pink can create a soothing and romantic environment if you prefer a gentle and subtle colour. It can add a touch of warmth and serenity to your bathroom space.
  5. Cream – Cream tones are light and neutral, creating a calm and timeless atmosphere. They work well with other earthy tones and can provide a warm and inviting ambience.
  6. Pale Yellow – A pale yellow hue can bring a sense of brightness and warmth to your bathroom. It can create a cheerful and uplifting atmosphere while still maintaining a serene ambience.

6. Use Reflective Surfaces for shade interweaving

Mirrors and glass items are ideal for a bathroom interior as they bring an extra sense of spaciousness. Therefore, it’s crucial to add reflective surfaces for the small-size bathroom. They will create the illusion that it’s roomy and welcoming. Besides, you have no idea what an amazing colour palette you will achieve while watching how the shades move around by reflecting with each other.

7. Use Soft Rugs all around the premise floor

Covering up the entire floor with soft rugs is a wonderful idea, so everything is comfy and soft to the touch. If everything in your bathroom is in one shade right now, you can have those rugs in purple, green or royal blue. The point is to have contrasting colours, to make the room more interesting.

8. Introduce Calming Scents

Aromatherapy is an essential part of the SPA science as it’s proven that scents bring sensations and mood changes. For relaxation after a hard day, you can use the following essential oils (or aromatic candles):

  • Lavender;
  • Cedar;
  • Eucalyptus;
  • Peppermint;
  • Ylang-ylang;
  • Rosemary;
  • Cinnamon;

Get Help from Professional Decorators

Transforming your bathroom into a spa-like retreat can be a rewarding but challenging task. If you want to ensure the best results and save time and effort, consider seeking assistance from professional decorators. Professional painters and decorators have extensive knowledge and experience in creating beautiful and functional spaces. They understand the principles of design, colour coordination, and layout optimisation, ensuring that your bathroom achieves the desired spa-like atmosphere.

Professionals also have access to many resources, including high-quality materials, fixtures, and finishes. They can recommend and source the best products within your budget, ensuring that your bathroom not only looks luxurious but also stands the test of time. And speaking of time, professionals can save you valuable time and help you avoid costly mistakes.

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