Making Ice cream is fun with Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker

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Normally, making ice cream is considered to be a tedious and painful process? However, if you’re the one with similar opinion, then I will have to ask, haven’t you heard that making ice cream has now taken on a whole new dimension? With the Play & Freeze ice cream maker, making ice cream is now a ‘ball’ of fun that involves shaking, rolling and rocking. That is all it takes to make your delicious homemade soft-serve ice cream. This ‘game’ can definitely be added to your next family picnic and watch everyone’s eyes light up.

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The Play & Freeze Ice cream maker was invented by Industrial Revolution Inc., and is made of durable lightweight polycarbonate, and looks like a round soccer ball. No electricity needed! Have fun playing with your ice cream as it is being made! Just add some ice and rock salt in one end and ice cream mix in the other. One ball makes approximately about one pint of yum ice cream. I am sure this is tempting enough for you to want to scoop up your very own refreshing bowl of smooth and creamy homemade ice cream.
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Since the introduction of the non-electric Play & Freeze ice cream maker, many households have provided positive feedback on its usability. I guess, it also helps them satisfy their kids’ craving for ice cream right from the comforts of their home.
If you have heard of milk coming from cows, then now you have it coming from plastic!! Experience it yourself. This is literally a whole new ball game for families.
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