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Adjus(table): Multi-purpose home furniture by Riccardo Bovo

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There is no dearth of trendy home furniture pieces but anything new, unique, modular, transformable that solves multiple functions is always welcome. We human beings love changes and when it comes to giving face-lift our interiors, we love the shopping spree and it’s the availability of the best deals that makes us feel good. Designer Riccardo Bovo with Adjust table gives us another reason to feel delighted. The adjust table unlike the conventional ones is a cool table that performs multiple tasks depending upon the need of the hour. It’s a dining table, a coffee table, table with maximum versatility to let you use it the way you want. Sitting in your living room, it can let different people sit around and do the work other family member wants to without hampering or disturbing other sitting around. Versatile multi-functional furniture piece along with its graceful facade is worth taking home.

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