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‘Appresso’ spills out coffee…music too!

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With each item of your home going techie designers, In-oh Yoo & Bong-yup Song thought out of the box and designed Android based coffee brewery for Metatrend Institute. The cool coffee machine not only spits out coffee but music too. The “Appresso” uses the Android technology to inform you about the taste and scent of the coffee, in addition it reads QR-codes from each coffee capsule which helps play a specific song based on which pack you’ve scanned! Wandering what’s the QR code? Well, it’s a grid like system of black and white spaces used in tangent with cell-phone camera. It’s similar to a BAR code. Geeky nerds know what I’m talking about! Isn’t it? Also, in it you can dock your own music player in the top. Guys, be cautious, if you’re the one who splashes coffee all over the counter every morning, this one is not for you! But if you take good care, you’ll love it!


Via: Yankodesign