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Artbrew helps you brew your own beer

Are you a craft beer lover? Do you know that you can now brew your own beer in your own style at home? With Artbrew, you can automatically brew and enjoy a variety of delicious beers. This smart home brewery may not only let you select your beer style, but may also allow you to make it in a very simple way. Find out how.

How Artbrew works

This home brewing system or machine has simple functionality and features. You simply need to connect it to a smartphone app through Wi-Fi and pick a beer recipefrom its vast library. Use some high-quality ingredients to add to this 17.63 lbs.and 5-liter machine. Then, you only need to press a few buttons to start brewing your favorite craft beer.

This home brewery can be customized to suit your taste and experience. Its app also links you to a community of beer lovers. You may not only create your own recipes using this app, but may also share your recipes with others and organize virtual tasting sessions.

Design and brewing process

This easy-to-use brewery can prepare some tasty beer for you in a short time of around a week. You can pick a master recipe created by experts in the field. This can be done by making a choice on the machine’s LCD touchscreen or on the app. Then, you only need to collect your ingredients like water, yeast, and a ready brewing pack with malt and hops.This home brewery has top panels with lids that can be opened to add your ingredients in its stainless steel MiniKegs.

According to screen instructions, you can easily add the right amount of each ingredient in each compartment.Finally, you can press the Start button. The system will boil malts and add yeast and hops to it. Fermentation may take around a week or two, after which you can enjoy your drink.

With its big library and beer customization options, you can taste any type of craft beer, such as Munich Lager, Vienna Lager, Stout, Black IPA, Fruit, Amber Ale, Irish Ale, Pilsner, Hefeweizen, Faro, Altbier, and many more.

Ease of use

The machine is designed to be simple and minimalistic. Thus, you can learn its functioning without much effort. As its brewing and fermentation tanks are combined in one, you will be able to handle the structure well. Using the app and with the help of its visible mashing tank, you can easily monitor the brewing process, as well as program and control it.

Several variables can be simply controlled while brewing, such as brew phase and time, temperature, alcohol content, flavor, and bitterness. By just adding some water to its tank and starting an automatic process, you can do its quick cleaning too.

Artbrew is a beautiful automatic home brewery that can prepare craft beer of your choice in a very short time. This smart system is reliable, easily usable, and highly functional.

Source : Kickstarter.Com