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AudioTorch Wireless Music System illuminates your favorite number

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AudioTorch is the wireless and Ethernet light and music system that has en suite CD player and speakers. It is designed to fit any area of your house through a projected menu flaunted on a wall. Being convenient to control through your home PC, you can change color and lights using its wireless controller, and in addition, it grants you authority over the CD player, audio menus, and Ethernet music lights. Also, its unique ATM&L system is crafted of aluminum and is covered with abs plastic amid a thin layer of rubber. The wireless controller attaches to the volume button having a core magnet. AudioTorch glues to the fixation section joined to the wall through a handle on the back of its frame.

Thus, it allows you to illuminate your home, office, or place with color, and at the same time, you could listen to your favorite number with a difference. No word on pricing yet.
audiotorch wireless music system
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