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Automation’s Bathomatic enables automatic bath filling

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No more struggling to fill a bath after a long, tiring day. Using AMX and Crestron control system, Automation’s Bathomatic comes with a touchscreen interface that lets your choose your bath preferences and feed in desired temperature and water depth and even bubble bath and fragrances! The tub then automatically lowers the motorized plug to fill up the bathtub and uses pressure determination to prevent overflowing. Made by the UK-based Unique Automation, the Bathomatic comes in Basic model that comes with a controller, motorized waste kit and basic UI while the Bathomatic Eco-Ultimate features an eco-controller, motorized waste kit with filter, basic UI along with an in-line heater and eight-way oil-dispenser. The digital bath filler is currently on display at the ISE Europe in Amsterdam and retails for £4,000

You can check out a demonstration on the bathomatic Web site.


Source: Cepro