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Bear Table: Novel concept table rests itself on bear’s back

Bear Table-1

The Bear Table is an extremely amazing furniture design that seeks to blend a fine sculpture and a table. Drawing its inspiration from the awe-inspiring shape of bear, the table glorifies the bear’s strength and capacity in the form of a sculpture that is carved intricately to depict the details of the face and body. The finishing of the bear is quite ‘edgy’ and chiseled which gives it a unique sheen, the wave like patterns on the body, however, give the bear’s body the semblance of a fur coat.

Bear Table-2

Bear is an extremely powerful animal and an extremely dangerous predator. The bear is adept at swimming, climbing trees and is a very fast runner. The power of a bear is enormous to the extent that an adult bear can break the back of a buffalo or bison with the sheer strength of his paws. These traits of the bear are the inspiration behind this novel concept of ‘Bear Table’, wherein a huge bear sculpture functions as the base of the table and on the back of the bear lies a flat plank of wood – the table top!

Bear Table-3

This design is exquisite and awe-inspiring – something that would be very appealing to both kids and adults. The bear and the table top come in the same colors, hence you can have a table in assorted colors, like the classic brown, red and even blue! You can even team up the Bear Tables with different kinds of chairs to have a different look!

Via: Napalm