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Cabinetry blings!

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Wondering why on hometone I’m writing about the glittering jewels? Well, these blings are for your home! Designed specifically to accessorize your cabinets, these glam designs by Atlas Homewares ensures to give your den the classy touch. The Bollywood Beauties collection of beaded knobs in an array of choices from glittering Raspberry, Blue, Green, Aqua, Bronze, Umber and Blank & White add to the opulence of your home decor. Retailing for $8.30 and $9.20 small and large respectively, these will give your home a new look. Also, you can choose from Ruby, Crystal, Emerald and Sapphire glams. The Tangeres knobs and pulls are retailing for $11.50 and $18.20 respectively. Wanna know more about these blings? Visit Atlas Homewares.

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