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How to Clean Jacuzzi Jets

There is no feeling that can substitute the relaxation you experience in your jacuzzi tub to recharge yourself. To have this continued relaxation for a very long time, you need to invest some time in cleaning your jacuzzi once in a while else there would be residues deposited in the bottom of the jets. It is very important to follow a proper cleaning regime that would remove all built-up residues from your jacuzzi and leaving you with a very clean jacuzzi. By doing so, you will ensure that your jacuzzi will keep running in full capacity. At the same time, this will increase the longevity of your jacuzzi. So, here’s a simple guide that will help you accomplish the task quickly and properly.

Complexity Level: Basic

Time Required: 30-60 minutes

Resources Required:

1. Dishwater detergent

2. Bleach (chlorine or oxygen or white vinegar)


1. Fill jacuzzi with hot water: Open the water taps and fill hot water in the jacuzzi. When you observe that all pipe openings of the jet are submerged in water, turn off the water flow in jacuzzi.

2. Drop dishwater detergent into the jacuzzi: Once the jets are completely submerged in water, drop about two dishwater detergent cubes. If you prefer powder, put about 4 tablespoon of dishwater detergent powder. As the dishwater detergent does not create bubbles present with the dish soap, it is better to prefer dishwater detergent.

3. Add disinfecting agent to the jacuzzi: Pour about half a cup of disinfectant to the water. If you prefer chemical based disinfectant, use chlorine bleaches else use white vinegar or oxygen bleach. All act as disinfectants. Now, turn on the jets on high and run water for 15 minutes. Drain the water completely after running the jets for 15 minutes.

4. Fill hot water again in the jacuzzi: Repeat the same steps by adding dishwater detergent cubes and disinfectant. Run jacuzzi for 15 minutes and completely drain the water. By doing this again, you are ensuring that any leftover residues will also be cleaned in the water jet pipes.

5. Clean jacuzzi tub: Like you clean any other tub, clean the Jacuzzi too. Your Jacuzzi is all set for use!

Frequently Asked Questions:

When and how should I remove the jacuzzi jets for cleaning?

Depending on usage of your hot tub, once in every four months you should remove and check each jet.

  • If you find deposits, remove all jets and clean. You can also use a scrub on inner and outer jet body to remove the mineral build up.
  • After cleaning the jets, ensure that you drain out the water completely from jacuzzi.
  • If you fail to remove the calcium deposits completely from the jet then there high chances for their re-occurrence.

Quick Tips:

  1. When you fill the jacuzzi with hot water while cleaning, wait till the water cools a little before you put your hand to pull out the drain to avoid burning.
  2. After cleaning your jacuzzi, make sure that you drain out the water completely that has been used for cleaning. If the water is left over, it may leave stains in your jacuzzi.
  3. Do not give prolonged gaps to clean your jacuzzi. Fix a day in every month to clean your jacuzzi. This will help you enjoy your jacuzzi for many years to come.

Things To Watch Out For:

Use the right amount of dishwater detergent cake for cleaning your jacuzzi. Using more than required quantity may leave stains in your jacuzzi.