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Coco Reynolds’ inimitably cool cone light

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While at a first glance, the Cone Light may seem like merely another oddly shaped lamp, but on a closer look, you will discover that it is much more than that. This light is, in effect, a large lamp that gives light and an extremely beautiful shaded effect on the surface on which it rests. It looks unique and is quite functional. The Cone Light has been designed by Coco Reynolds who holds an interest in many different, but allied fields like industrial design, printing, and 3D design.

Cone light

The beauty of the light lies in its innovative shape and the materials used. The lamp is built out of two-dimensional pieces of solid wood, which are assembled to form a cone-shaped structure, leading to the name of the lamp. The use of wood planks lends the effect of shade and light when it is switched on, and the light that you will obtain is not harsh or strong but diffused and steeped in shadows. It is the perfect accompaniment to a nostalgic or romantic mood, which requires soft lighting.

The Cone Light is especially suitable if you prefer sharp edgy designs that can be incorporated smoothly in designer homes, or spaces that require mild lighting. Its arty feel makes it a unique piece of modern furniture and thus you can show it off to your friends and guests. It also comes with an attached plug that can be plugged in. It is advisable to insert a simple bulb in the light as the shape of the lamp will work wonders with such a bulb and transform your living space. It is truly a remarkable piece of lighting equipment and is guaranteed to astound you; it will become the point of conversation with your guests for sure.

You need not worry about the storage or portability of the lamp. Its unique shape and structure allows the timbre to be tucked into each other to form a one-dimensional flat structure that can be carried around very easily. In addition, it does not require a large storage area and can be cleaned in an efficient manner. Reynolds is a resident of Sydney and has singular experience in fields like furniture design, artifact designing and so on, which makes for an interesting story and that is truly reflected in the innovation of the Cone Light.

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