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Comforting ‘Comfort’ – The Blanket Lift Bar

The Blanket Lift Bar
How many times have you felt your comforter weighing heavy on your feet? How many times have you wanted to stay inside your blanket while wanting to get some cold air from the air-conditioner too? Sometimes, it’s too frustrating when you can’t make up your mind, if you want the blanket or no! Now there is a simple solution to this seemingly never-ending problem.

Well, well! There is no limit to human imagination and creativity, not just talking about creating the solution to needs but creating the need by itself! The new ‘Blanket Lift Bar’ is quite a funny invention, though a lot of us would definitely appreciate it. It is a bar made of epoxy-coated steel wire, 16 x 12 x 16¨ in height and around two pounds in weight, creating a free space of about 30 x 16 x 12¨ for your feet. It can be easily fixed by inserting one side of it under your mattress and the other supporting your blanket.

Giving it a second thought, I wonder if we keep pampering ourselves, comforting the minutest of needs, the line between luxury and necessity keeps evaporating. Is this a good sign? Never mind! Let’s wait and watch the response and reviews to this peculiar and supposedly useful device.

Source: Mattresszine, Abledata