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Complete Entertainment from Sony with the BRAVIA DAV-F200

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Well, if you looking for entertainment of the highest degree, the Sony BRAVIA DAV-F200 home theatre system could just about end your search barring the fact that there is no gaming console added which could have worked as a pie on the cake. Yet, this sounds a complete package as far as the viewing purpose is concerned good enough to have a Dolby kind of feel at home. Beginning with the designing aspect, it looks fabulous with a glass front and a wall mounted centre alongwith a slot-load for DVD and a USB port. It comes with two speakers which share 405 watt of astounding power amongst them. Even the subwoofer comes as a separate attachment capable of resonating a near surround-sound effect. Last but not the least, if you already own a BRAVIA TV, it comes with the SYNC feature which would let you have it control with a single remote.