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Cook smart, stay hale and hearty!

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You all will surely agree with me that conventional cooking methods result in a loss of the nutrient value of the food. It reduces the vitamins, mineral salts and the natural characteristic flavors. Pictured here is an intelligent steamer that will take care of your food by retaining all essentials nutrients.

What’s different?
The intelligent steamer lets you serve fish, meat, vegetables … all at the same time. There are three separate steam containers, three individual heating elements and electronically controlled auto cook. Seven automatic cooking programs, elegant black/silver design, user friendly characteristic, ability to retain all the healthy vitamins and freshness of food, no oil needed to cook thereby taking care of your heart are the wonderful standout traits of this intelligent steamer. Healthy and fast cooked food for a fast paced life, what else could we demand from any cooking gadget?

Price and availability: This smart steamer will cost you £ 96.89