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Dead Wood: Killing Trees for Your Health and Garden


Everyone loves trees. They’re not only an essential part to our planet’s eco system, but they’re beautiful and majestic. From a small lilac tree to a mighty sycamore, trees are essential to our well-being, so what do we do when they get sick? Yes, trees get sick too. There are a hosts of diseases that can wreak havoc on our green friends, and unfortunately not all tree diseases are curable. Sometimes it leads to dead wood, and that’s when killing trees for your health and garden may make good sense.

Every year falling trees cause millions of dollars of damage to American homes, and much of this damage is due to diseased trees. Falling trees are also the cause of thousands of deaths and injuries every year, so it’s essential to keep an eye on the health of your trees and remove any that are beyond saving. Here are some common tree diseases and symptoms that you should watch for.

Fungal Damage

Dead-WoodMany tree diseases are cause by fungal infections, and a tree with a fungal infection may have delayed growth, smaller than normal leaves, poor coloring, excessive cone production, and severe twig or branch die-off. Generally there is no cure once it is infected. Fungus can be very hard to kill and often can’t be completely eradicated from the soil surrounding the tree, even once the tree is removed.

A tree with obvious fungus on limbs, trunk, or roots should be removed immediately if it’s in a location where it could cause property damage, like next to your home or fence, or if its branches could fall on pets or people. If most of the tree still looks healthy except where the fungus is, you can try to remove any single branches that are affected, but it is most likely a lost cause because spores spread easily to surrounding areas.

Oak Wilt

Oak Wilt is a fatal systemic disease caused by fungi. This tree disease is all too common throughout the eastern and central parts of the United States. Oak Wilt is responsible for killing many beautiful trees in our yards and forest.

Dutch Elm Disease


At one time, the great American elm tree was one of the most planted trees in America because it was well matched for the urban environment. Dutch Elm Disease (DED) came to the U.S. on elm logs shipped over from France in 1931. Today, Dutch Elm Disease has spread throughout much of the U.S. and has destroyed many of the large old-growth native elms that we adore.

If you have a tree showing signs or symptoms of disease, don’t wait to get an expert out to assess the situation. A professional tree service company in Atlanta, or any other area, can save you lots of future hassles and expense by recommending a good course of action.

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