DeLonghi retro toaster and kettle from John Lewis

toaster ket 400 1333

I don’t remember seeing anything like this in my parents’ or even grandparents’ kitchen or garage sale ever. But if you miss the goods old times, the new range of toasters and kettles from John Lewis should let you bring back the retro feel to your kitchen. Although my good old days with the toaster generally involved a lot of cursing, slapping, and using a pair of tweezers to retrieve my very, very well done pieces of toast, you will have to leave your own DeLonghi at your own unstable cousin’s apartment for a week or so before you can get that truly ‘retro’ effect out of it. The toaster comes with a removable crumb tray and the kettle comes with a ‘rapid boil’ feature to make your life easier. But when was getting up every morning and having to make your own breakfast ever a sign of the easy life!

Via: Tech Digest

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