Deodorize your stenching shoes with Shumidor


If you are embarrassed for you have odor problems with your shoes caused by sweaty feet then this wonderful ‘Shumidor’ will alleviate your worry. This iconic shoe deodorizer by Michael Kritzer lets you to clean and freshen your stinking shoes in an eco friendly manner. Its powerful airflow creates microclimates within its main bay leaving your shoes feeling cool and dry while its environmentally safe (does not use harmful toxins or chemicals) airisoles gives off a sweet whiff and on the other hand its ionic blade technology keeps the ‘Shumidor’ silent. When the air flows into the Shumidor, it creates several mini vortexes that circulate around every exposed surface within the Shumidor. Its textured inner lining isolates the air and together, these technologies help dry and remove all wet particles on the shoe that lead to bacteria, mold and foul smell. Shumidor allows up to six airisoles at a time, which is about one airisoles per shoe. In all we can say that apart from deodorizing your shoes it also extends the life span of your favorite shoes. Have a look!

Via: Michaelkritzer

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