Designing Your Prayer Room: Wood is the Way to Go

Designing Your Prayer Room

Prayer room plays the most important role in the life of anyone who has faith. It’s one sacred area which is dedicated to prayer and which gives positive energy and vibes to the whole housekeeping the environment clean and calm.

Although the traditional prayer room depends upon the size and the area of your house and people also believe that the North West direction is the perfect place for worship. Also, amongst all the construction materials wood is said to have the most positive vibes. So keeping all this in mind, let’s see some of the innovative and clever ways to design your prayer room which can give a more positive feel to your whole house.

1. Create an enclosure

Prayer room is a sacred place and many people wanted to have this as their private place in which they meditate, worship and spend some quiet time. So this place has to be a very personal space as some people like it as a very personal experience. For this, you can have a separate wooden corner of the room away from the onlooker and outside people.

For this, choose a definite space for prayer room. Convert a corner in the room or enclosed with the help of a wooden partition.You can insert this place between living and the dining space where you can find ample space to have one for you. False ceiling, glass covers, and marble finish tiles can be used to make any place a paradise. You can even go for something innovative like finger jointed panels. For more information on that, click here.

For the partition, consider wood partition or you can also have glass one which is not visible. To maintain privacy, have colorful and designer glass partition as it looks beautiful and also does work for you. In this place, make sure you give a proper ambiance to the ceiling as well so that it gives more spectacular views to the overall appearance of your prayer room.

2. Prayer Place in Shelves

People who have lesser space in their house and don’t know where to place the prayer room; we have a solution for you too. Prayer place on wooden shelves is a great idea to incorporate your worship place. Placing nice wooden shelves on any room or wall where you find has the ample space is a great idea.

First, choose the wall which is most favorable to fix the shelves. It can be a corner in the room to fix the shelf. Choose the shelf made up of wood and fix it in the wall. These all can be a great option for the prayer place.

The size of your shelves depends completely upon the idols you keep in it you can also have 2, 3 shelves one by one designed by your choice. You can expand the space in height to personalize your prayer space and also put up prayer items in it. Prayer space in the walls has many options to decorate like you can use your favorite wooden color for the shelf, if, instead of wood you choose glass, you can use different colored glass.

3. Use Effective Lighting

There is no limitation in decorating your prayer room and you are free to put as much décor as you want in it. The foremost important feature for a prayer room should have proper and effective lightings. This is one peaceful place so make sure you provide it with calming, soothing lights. Lighting plays an important role in making your prayer space a special and peaceful room. Lamps and candles in a prayer room compliment space and surroundings. A beautiful big candle in front of the idol is always a nice decoration tip. Lamps hanging in the prayer space from the ceiling or you can also decorate with mini flowers string lights in the temple which looks serene and provide a warm effect. Look for the correct placements of these lights as it can increase the positive energy of your home.

4. Install Beautiful Décor

For the decorating idea, there are many ways to decorate a prayer room. White, red, gold, yellow or blue is the perfect color to decorate your prayer space. These shades go well with space and don’t look too bright to disturb the warmth of the space. These colors also work well and provide an appealing atmosphere for the surroundings. Flowers are the best ways to give a beautification to your space. The most favorite of God too, it works well for adornment and gives a nice outcome to your prayer room. So make lots of flower arrangements for the prayer room and decorate every part of it with the flowers. You can choose the flowers as per your taste and preference or something which looks beautiful in your space or match the layout of your home. And lastly, some nice bells in the prayer space with sweet echo to give the feel of pure warmth and indulgence.

5. Design flooring

For the carpeting part, keeps a comfortable and simple rug inside the prayer room to provide a quiet atmosphere to the surroundings. Many people like to design with wall to wall carpeting to maintain a peaceful environment. Butthose of you who do not like it;a thick rug is the best option and for the prayer, add some nice cushioned mats to make the space more comfortable and warm.

6. Accessorize your prayer room

Prayer room also has to be accessorize properly like any other room. Afterall,it’s one of the most important spaces of your house and how can you not accessorize it. Decorate it by adding some nice framed posters. Or you can get it to hang some God idol beautifully framed, some religious symbol or inspirational signs decorated on the prayer place or on the walls. Beautiful wall hangings specially designed for the prayer room is available in the market which you can use to decorate it very effectively. Place some nice candle stand at the two sides of your room to get the right effect of prayers. Also if you spend a long time sitting on the floor, have some nice comfort pillowsto sit for prayers.

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