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Dirt Devil Kone: makes vacuum cleaning easy

dirt devil kone
If you are asked which features of your vacuum cleaner appear most irritating then four out of five vacuum cleaner users will point at the tangling cords, the dust-collecting bags and of course, the regular charging that the vacuum cleaner needs. If I tell you there is a vacuum cleaner that is cordless, is always charged, is always ready to be used and has an easy-to-empty bag-less dirt cup then you will wonder how it can be possible. Such a seemingly difficult task has been accomplished by famous product designer Karim Rashid. The Dirt Devil Kone has been designed in an elegant sculptural form that can be kept anywhere on your table, shelf or counter. It has a powerful 7.2-volt motor with soft tip nozzle that makes it both powerful and makes it safe to be used on delicate surfaces.There is a soft-glow light in the charging cradle that besides producing a wonderful visual effect keeps the vac charged. The $39.44 Dirt Devil Kone can be obtained from Wal-Mart.