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The Breathtaking Diamond Spas Copper Outdoor Spa

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For the most beautiful and relaxing outdoor experience that is both enriching yet environmentally-friendly at the same time choose the Diamond Spas Copper Outdoor Spa. Earth copper blend wonderfully with the surroundings while the sustainability of the metal with its corrosion-resistant qualities make it the first choice for the eco-conscious customer. Since the metal is almost fully recyclable and more durable than fiberglass, or acrylics and heats up faster when hot water is introduced into it, the copper spa stands apart as an efficient energy-saving choice. The spa itself is made from 90-to 95- percent copper sheet with the copper vessel shell being constructed with 100% recyclable material. The spa’s exterior wall is done with inlaid, reclaimed barn-boards that add a rustic touch to your outdoor spa.

Source: Maka10