Eight Ways to Add Privacy to Your Backyard 

Add Privacy to Your Backyard 

Back in the day, you could comfortably kick back in some glorious solitude right in your backyard. Unfortunately, now the family next door has cleared out some trees. At the other end, the new master suite comprising a 2nd-story deck with spectacular views – into the yard. All of this leaves you feeling as if you live in a fishbowl.

With the surging demand for outdoor living areas, privacy is at a premium. Honestly, it is not only about the prying eyes into your space; many a time, you desire to cover your view of the sunbathing neighbours and curtail their chatter from reaching you.

How to get privacy in the backyard without a fence?

There are a bunch of ways to establish privacy in the backyard without the inclusion of the fence. Be it putting in garden structures or perimeter plantings to stone walls; the options are endless. So, let us get started and check out a few ways to add privacy to your backyard.

1. Build a classic

wood fencing‘Wood fences are an outdoor staple, and they are prevalent across the country,’ comments Ray, an associate who offers assignment help Brisbane service. Given the plethora of woods to pick from, ranging from light to dark, and several style choices, the installation of wood fencing does more than just providing you privacy. It also elevates the design element of your backyard. As opposed to the other fencing materials, wood is comparatively inexpensive, and with adequate maintenance and proper construction, it lasts long. So, if you have the requisite woodworking knowledge, a DIY wood privacy fence is accessible.

2. Grow a Living Fence

‘For many, many years, hedges have been a privacy hallmark, especially along the property lines,’ comments Jocelyne, an educator who offers python homework helpA prime benefit of fences is that, depending on your plant material choice, a well-picked hedge can reach any height, as desired. However, there is one downside to it, too. The installation can either take a lot of money or take too long to install a high and long hedgerow. More so, you cannot leave hedges without providing them with a fair share of maintenance. However, with the right placement, even a hedge with modest proportions can be incredibly effective.

3. Staggered wooden boards

wooden boardsThe staggered wooden boards are preferably stained in soft hues of red, green, yellow, and black. They add a great privacy fence and are softened by shrubs in the front and a feathery tree canopy on top.

4. Get Growing With Grasses

If you want a low-maintenance and low-profile privacy option, you can go with ornamental grasses in a huge outdoor space. They will look fantastic in a space surrounded by Adirondack chairs and a cozy fire pit. The small idyll is an example of how only a little gardening can take you a long way as these seats are pretty close to the ground. So, adding privacy to the backyard is just as easy as picking plants, which grow up to the waist length.

5. Add privacy with a palm

privacy-through-palmHow about an alluring accent to your shady outdoor space? Please know, they may burn in direct sunlight.

‘Potted palms are incredible. They can add a tropical flair, and its sculptural leaves provide you with a lush, living space while simultaneously adding to the privacy,’ comments Ronda, an online organic chemistry tutor. 

As much as we like Ronda’s idea, please know that the palms are heat-loving plants. So, in harsh winters, they are susceptible to damage. With container gardening, it gets easy to overwinter them indoors for years of frilly fronds. 

6. Get a room

At times, you may not be interested in making the whole of the yard a private paradise for any reason whatsoever. So, in this case, you can pick one corner and work on it. You can convert it into the secluded getaway of your home. For this, you can carefully place a bunch of trees to build a pocket. For instance, two pines can give a tucked-away look to the hammock. A redbud behind the hammock accentuates the overall look.

7. Fill in with Bamboo

grow tall and large bamboosThere is a default bonus of converting your backyard into an exquisite tropical retreat. You can use something like pvc fence Australia for that. What’s that? You can get some natural privacy. Bamboo is a vital inclusion for every tropical space. They grow tall and are large enough to cover your intimate hideaway in the backyard. You can plant them on their own or let them fill in the gaps around the fences and pergolas. Be careful with bamboo as it is invasive and must be planted in containers or beds with solid barriers.

8. Stone Wall Topped with Fencing

You can also opt for the mount. It is like a small, three to four-foot picket fence or lattice on top of the two to a three-foot stone wall. The wall is huge enough to block sightlines from a distance, but the openwork fence screens do not leave you feeling claustrophobic.

So, these are the eight best ways to add some privacy to your backyard. The options are endless, but it all depends on the space you need to shield and the budget. So, go ahead and make your pick. If you have more options to add to the list, let us know in the comment box below.

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