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Electrolux ‘Ohm’: Dine with your near & dear ones no matter how far they are

kitchen communicating device

Designed for Electrolux ‘Ohm’ is a communication device that sitting on the kitchen top helps you stay in touch. In fact, it lets you eat with your near and dear ones no matter how far they are. Taking inspiration from the chat and the “web 2.0” like Facebook, Netlog etc designer has come up with a cute lil’ communicating device for your kitchen that lets you dine with your friends even if they are not physically present there. Ohm comes with a circular ring that helps you make the settings.

Let me tell you how it works. The ring as you can see in the image below is not complete. The empty space in the outer ring helps us open the menu by touching it. There you’ll get these options; status, profile, add new contact, manage groups, setting and set place and time zone. Yups, the outer circle is the user’s contact list and there are different colors that help you separate the contact groups.The photos in the low-left corner change as we move our hand around. You just need to touch the photo of the friend to make a call. This way you can project a friend in real time. The object consists of two parts, the outer part salt & pepper shaker and in the inner one with the electronic system that helps scanning the user, and projecting a friend. Integrate it to your kitchen and dine with your near and dear ones.

Via: Igendesign