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Enjoy the comforts of cooking with Barbecue Grill Fan and Light

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Those who are interested to throw barbecue parties or enjoy the grilling and cooking outside the house know better that the most irritating thing during the whole cooking is the smoke of the coal. If you want to cook in the summer evenings out with your barbecue you would wish that you had a little more light directed from the top of the barbecue. The direct light would help to cook better and delicious. Here is a product that will solve all your problems of the barbecue cooking. Barbecue Grill Fan and Light is a perfect combination of a fan and the light that is the most missing point in barbecue grilling. Just imagine how comfortably you will be able to cook and serve and at the same time enjoy the cooking too.

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The fan produces powerful breeze that relieves you from the smoke and heat of the outdoor cooking and the light gives you the extra light focused on the top of the grilling. With these two simple but useful things you can add the real pleasure of cooking with a barbecue. This product Barbecue grill fan and light is a perfect combination of the two and has separate control for the two. There is a secure spring clip that instantly attaches it anywhere you want and the 18″ flexible neck helps you to direct the light or the fan in the direction you wish. It needs 4″ C” batteries to run and you can position the fan or the light or both wherever you want. The price of this beautifully designed and comfortable to use product is $44.99.

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