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Expedient Cider And Wine Press With Apple Grinder

cider and wine press with apple grinder

Now be your own ideal host and treat yourself with sweet cider wines and other natural juices made by you for year round enjoyment. In achieving this delicious treat, the rugged handcrafted Cider and Wine Press with Apple Grinder would be the perfect aid. This fruit press holds one bushel of fruit, soft fruits are placed directly into pressing tub for squeezing and hard fruits are first dropped completely into the grinder where the flywheel is used to effortlessly grind the fruit for pressing. It requires no prior peeling or slicing of fruit and the pulp falls directly into tub for squeezing. With minimum effort, the pressing handle squeezes the pulp, filtering the juices through a nylon-pressing bag and releasing it through a spout.

Comprising of heavy cast-iron flywheel with hardwood handle that rotates drum mounted on steel shaft, the uprights of sturdy maple and extra wide-stance legs provide total stability under grinding and pressing action. This brawny fruit press works in five easy steps to serve you with a refreshing drink: 1. After lining tub with pressing bag (not included), load grinder hopper with fruit. 2.Turn flywheel as fast as you can. You can install your own motor if you like. Pulp falls into tub.3. When tub is full, fold ends of pressing bag over pulp, add platen and lower the pressing screw.4.Tighten screw, pause a few moments – tighten again. Juice will start flowing into collection tray. Excessive pressure does little good and may harm your press.5. Now, try a taste of your fresh, sweet cider – incredibly delicious

Price: $724.99 (accessories sold separately)

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