Home Off Beat ‘Siddhartha Pod’ lantern — A lavish epitome of the victorian era

‘Siddhartha Pod’ lantern — A lavish epitome of the victorian era

the siddhartha pod lantern

‘Siddhartha Pod’, the name sounds very Buddhist, and Lord Buddha, being an epitome of simple, austere living wouldn’t be too pleased with this very lavish steampunk lantern design from Donovan Design. This design adopts the steampunk design from the bygone Victorian era which is currently making huge waves among the jetsetters from Hollywood glitterati to rich fat cats of the Persian Gulf. The ‘Siddhartha pod’ has had a tremendous amount of labour going into making it and the materials used to make it are a blend of some real exotica, as well. The lantern is fully handcrafted with Mahogany, Brass and Copper lavishly used to make it a real piece of shining art. And the lamp also carries the date and the signature of Leslie Tarbel Donovan, the man who made this piece of art, engraved onto its top. The price of course, like all ultra-swish, fine things, is available only on request.

Via: Donovandesign