Safe wash: Feet Basin ensures safety and comfort!

wojcicki feet wash basin OXIEo 1822

Research suggests that home is the place where most accidents occur and falling in the bathroom is the most common accident of all. Older people, obese people or people with restricted mobility especially prone such accidents. Maciek Wojcicki designed an innovative feet wash basin to make sure you don’t fall while taking care of your feet.

wash basin cosan 1822

What’s different? Undoubtedly, there are numerous hung normal basins or drainpipe type basins, small massage basins to relax or deep rehabilitation basins available but none of these ensure safe and comfortable engaging in foot washing, relaxing, soaking and eventually hydro-massaging which feet wash basin by Maciek assures. This is the one of the most promising feet wash basin and certainly the best bet of all!

Thanks Maciek Wojcicki!

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