Find Storage Near You: Exploring Self Storage Options Across the US

Find Storage Near You Exploring Self Storage Options Across the US

Moving homes or apartments can be a stressful time. Storage units across the US are designed to make this challenging time a little easier for everyone involved. Finding storage solutions that are safe, reliable, gated and clean is a must when looking for self storage options.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to finding and choosing the right self storage units for your needs and it’s important to properly look into this, as where you keep your cherished belongings matters very much.

Choose a Self Storage System That Makes Signing Up Hassle Free

One of the biggest benefits of a self storage system is that they largely run online. Sometimes they still have an on-site manager who can be there physically or they have physical security guards on site for the evening patrol. However, the signing up and continued logistic steps are largely, if not only, online now. With the rise of technology, going online has become the norm these days. What does this mean?

Renters can now access the self storage unit they’re interested in online, sign up, rent a unit, pay the deposit and the fee, sign the terms and conditions and be on their way all without needing to engage with anyone physically. Once the self storage company has approved the unit, you will receive a safety code that allows you to access the ground and it is as easy and seamless as that. If you have any questions, you can always contact them by email, give them a call or through an online chat, if they have one, and get your answers quickly.

Look For a Secure and Safe Self Storage Option

It’s important to find a storage option that is safe and secure. It is advised to find a unit that is gated completely. Although each storage unit has its own metal gate and is closed with some form of padlock, having a fence that secures the parameters of the unit is hugely beneficial.

Some storage units go as far as having only one access point which is monitored by cameras and has a lock that renters have to punch their special number in, to open the gate. Others have physical security and watchmen who take care of the facility 24/7 or during night patrols.

The Benefit of Location

This is twofold. The first thing to know is that it is important to find a storage unit that is relatively central to where your main activities are. If you’re moving house, you do not want to have to lug your belongings halfway across the city to store them, and then every time you need something from the unit, have to drive over an hour to get there. Find a storage unit that is central to you, for example either between your old and new house, or perhaps close to your workspace. This will save you both time and money.

Secondly, find a storage unit company that has multiple branches, both within the city and in a variety of different cities and states. It’s helpful to find a storage company that is represented in many states, as this both boasts its credibility and reputation, but also means that you already have a contract with them, you’ve signed for the weekly or monthly fee and when you move into the next city, you can easily keep your things at the same storage company’s units. This means less admin for you and it makes things easier, as you know the process of the storage unit already and do not need to waste time trying to source a new storage company.

Find a Storage Unit that Suits Your Specific Needs

Different storage units offer different storage sizes. Most of the storage units in the city typically offer small storage units, whereas if you’re able to take a trip out of the city or if you live on the outskirts, you can benefit from finding a storage unit that has a variety of larger unit sizes available.

You must choose a self-storage option that has units that come in a variety of sizes, so that you can choose the one that suits you best. If one is too small, you can always try to rent two units next to each other so that they are easier to access when you decide to come back for your belongings. Be sure to measure your biggest items, like a couch, a fridge and all of your boxes, so ensure that the unit is large enough to accommodate it.

It is also important to consider cooling systems. Certain self storage units have climate-controlled storage. For those who need this or who are storing very sensitive items, this is an important factor to consider.

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